If you’re looking to install CCTV Essex homeowners, the Essex CCTV services now include Lenz Security!

It’s not just installing CCTV Essex, customers will also have access to all of our security services. Take a look below to learn more about the incredible services we offer at Lenz Security.

The best CCTV Essex provides


Intruder alarm installation

Lenz Security will happily install the highest-grade intruder alarm systems available on the market right now. Top-of-the-line systems, integrated automation, 24/7 system support and remote viewing from mobile devices make our intruder alarms the best on the market!

Who requires intruder alarm systems?

* Educational Premises
* Homeowners
* Business facilities
* Anyone that wants to protect valuable assets


The CCTV Essex needs

As a leading CCTV installer, Colchester has benefited from Lenz Security’s speciality in CCTV and security installation over many years. CCTV technology is constantly advancing and with remote viewing, live surveillance and 24-hour system support, the CCTV Essex offers has never been smarter!

If you require CCTV for the following, then CCTV Essex specialists Lenz Security won’t disappoint!

* Commercial developments
* Residential areas
* Public spaces


Access Control systems

Access control systems provide a specialised layer of security for many different facilities and purposes. Lenz Security can provide services alongside our professional CCTV Essex solutions. Whether it is audio and/or video intercom, standalone, or PC-controlled systems, Lenz Security is more than happy to cater to all security system needs in Essex.

What facilities require access control systems?

* Schools and educational institutions
* Apartment buildings
* Commercial properties
* Hospitals
* Anywhere that has rooms or is easily accessible


Lockdown alarms

Lockdown alarms are the ultimate protection for the highest risk facilities. Our systems are installed with customisable alert tones, a variety of visual beacons and are all certified as Ofsted compliant. These top-of-the-range lockdown alarms are available for indoor or outdoor installation and if you’d like to learn more about the features of our lockdown alarms, you can head to our services page.

Who requires lockdown alarm systems?

* Schools and educational institutions
* Retail premises
* High-risk facilities
* Facilities with very valuable assets eg Jewellery stores

CCTV Colchester Ebb and Flow Tattoo Studio 2


Security for school and educational institutions

Security for schools and educational premises are perhaps the most important systems and CCTV Essex CCTV experts Lenz Security installs. This is a service we are proud to provide and we consider these installations as “high-risk facilities”.

This means when it comes to recommendations, we suggest the most comprehensive security systems for these types of premises.

When it concerns the safety of assets and children, only the finest intruder alarms, lockdown alarms and CCTV Essex has to offer is considered suitable here at Lenz Security.

To discuss the security needs of your educational institution, get in touch with the Lenz Security team.


Commercial Security

Security systems for your commercial premises is of paramount importance. Every business location has a unique layout and therefore, vantage points and ease of accessibility vary from facility to facility. This is why Lenz Security tailors every security system we install to every client individually.

But for a general idea of what to expect, we would recommend the golden security trio – Intruder alarms, an access control system and the best CCTV Essex can offer.

For legal and insurance reasons, CCTV is hugely important. CCTV will capture and log any illegal activities on or near your premises. CCTV plays a huge part in our legal system and can be used as evidence in criminal trials. Learn more about how the CCTV Essex uses can be used in our legal system here.

All commercial properties have intruder alarms, which means, any commercial property that does not/ chooses not to install intruder alarms quickly becomes a prime target for illegal activities.

An access control system is the best, and safest way to secure the areas you want to remain out of bounds (eg storage, potentially hazardous areas etc)

As an additional layer of protection, we also recommend lockdown alarms. This provides greater protection against theft in the event of break-ins. It also acts as a greater deterrent as many criminals will be able to recognise top-of-the-line lockdown alarms, like those we provide at Lenz Security. By increasing the risk of being apprehended, people are less likely to attempt anything illegal.

For high quality bespoke commercial security systems, get in touch with Lenz Security today.


Home security

For home security, we’d recommend a combination of the finest intruder alarms and CCTV Essex has to offer. But ultimately, it depends on your primary concerns. If you are chiefly concerned with break-ins, we would suggest installing an intruder alarm system. However, if your concerns revolve around valuables stored outside, we’d suggest contacting a CCTV installer, Colchester and Essex residents are now lucky enough to have Lenz Security at their service.

To discuss home security systems with the finest security and CCTV installer Colchester and Essex has available, get in touch with the Lenz Security team today.


Bespoke security systems and CCTV Essex, Colchester and Chelmsford

Safety is important and we try to make it as affordable as possible for our customers. Everyone deserves to feel safe whether your at school, at work or at home. To discuss how we can help and to gain more information about our Essex services, get in touch with our team today.


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