CCTV installation companies Essex – Prevention

Although maybe not at the top of the list for crime fighting heroes, CCTV installation companies are part of the solution to battling against crime. While your first thought may be to call the emergency services when crime does affect you, this is only a reactive approach to the problem. This does not stop your house being targeted again. Here at Lenz Security, one of the best CCTV installation companies Essex has to offer, we believe prevention is the first step.

To prevent crime, the first step is to deter it. This means making yourself and your property less of an easy target and more of a risk to anybody wanting to go unnoticed. While the police force are amazing at responding to crime, even their advice is to take measures to protect yourself and family and to deter crime from happening to begin with. Most forces, including Essex Police, recommend CCTV systems to help keep crime at bay, and we couldn’t agree more. Check out the Essex Police prevention crime page for more information on this.

CCTV installation companies Essex

What can a CCTV installation company do for you?

Getting the right CCTV for your needs is important. There are a hundred CCTV companies out there, each offering different systems, different packages and different prices. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to CCTV, as everybody’s properties are different and everybody requires different levels of security. One of the most trustworthy CCTV installation companies Essex has to offer, Lenz Security, can help you decide which system is best for you. From night vision, 24/7 surveillance and even security apps to check on your house while you’re away, Lenz Security will find the best option to get the most coverage for your property. Before buying the first camera you see, get in touch to receive some great advice from experts who can tell you exactly what will benefit you most.


Professional installation

Everybody loves a bit of DIY, but we wouldn’t recommend it for CCTV. While installing your own CCTV camera may sound like a good idea, it is not quick and it is not easy. What’s worse, criminals can almost always tell the difference between a cheap camera put up with the help of dad and a professional security system made to detect and capture their every move.
Hiring a professional, such as Lenz Security, one of the finest CCTV installation companies Essex has to offer, means you can be positive you are getting CCTV that will provide high quality protection.

When installing your CCTV, a qualified professional will be able to not only position your camera in the best way possible to catch the most coverage of your property, but also securely fit your camera, so that your CCTV can stand against harsh weather. We check the connection and make sure the wiring is correct, and can suggest other equipment that can enhance your security, based on your needs and property.

Another benefit to using CCTV installation companies instead of following a do-it-yourself guide, is that if something were to go horribly wrong with the wiring or camera itself, we can send an expert technician round to you fast, so that you are never without that extra protection.


Take the bullseye off your home

CCTV installation isn’t something that should be performed by just anybody. There’s plenty of benefits from hiring a professional, and we believe they outweigh the reasons to not. To keep your property and family safe and secure, take the first step and deter danger from targeting you. For the most trustworthy CCTV systems Colchester has, get in touch with one of the best CCTV installation companies Essex has to offer, Lenz Security, to find out how we can help with your CCTV needs.


Most people think that it will never happen to them, until it does. Take measures to prevent these crimes happening to you today and get in touch.