Lockdown Alarms

Do you run a high-risk facility such as a school or college? If so, lockdown alarms are an excellent way to secure your premise.


Nexus Lockdown Alarms 

At Lenz Security, we now install lockdown alarms from Luminite called Nexus.

To find out more about how Nexus works, read our latest blog.

Why Choose Us?





Our Systems Features

Customisable Alert Tones

Nexus Lockdown systems provide a choice of 32 different alert tones

Visual Flashing Beacon

To help those that are hard of hearing

Single Strobe/Beacon Units

To install in places that wouldn’t need an activation point but would still need to alert occupants

1KM Line of Sight Transmission

Mesh technology allows you to extend systems over a max range of 16KM

Battery Powered

Installation doesn’t involve messy cabling or disruption to day-to-day operations

Indoor or Outdoor Installation

The units can have IP66 Weather Proofing, which means they’ll withstand heavy seas or powerful jets of water. They’re also totally “dust tight”

Ofsted Compliant

All our systems comply with current Ofsted Lockdown Procedure Guidelines that are in line with advice from the NTCO (National Counter Terrorism Office)

Desktop App

The system can be monitored and controlled by a desktop application. Allowing you to view your network of devices, locate points of initiation and also reset after an “All-Clear” is signalled.

Every Second Counts

If you would like to discuss a lockdown system with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page, or if you would like to book in a free no obligation quote, simply click the buttons below.

If you haven’t already, you can read more in depth about how the systems work, you can check out our latest blog on the Nexus from Luminite.