Lockdown Service

Lenz Security are proud to announce we’re now offering a new service which includes Lockdown system for all premises, primarily aimed at providing an alarm system for schools, colleges and high-risk establishments.

The main purpose of a Lockdown system is to provide a warning to alert people in the event of a security breach during operating hours.

The Nexus lockdown alarm provides a choice of 32 different alert tones (with selectable volumes) and a user-defined, customisable, Lockdown message of your choice which means the alerts look and sound different to an Intruder Alarm or Fire Alarm.

The Nexus unit features a Visual Flashing Beacon to help those with hearing difficulties. Schools and other establishments can then act accordingly to their own lockdown procedures. Some handy tips and hints to follow.

The Single Strobe / Beacon Unit can be installed in places of low occupancy, such as Toilets and Offices which would not necessitate the need for a call-point activation but would still need to alert an occupant.

Nexus Lockdown alarms are battery powered so the installation will not involve messy cabling or disruption to your day-to-day operations. We can include 64 units per site, allowing you to cover your whole estate sufficiently. Each unit has a 1KM line of sight transmission range and utilitises a mesh technology allowing you to extend your system over a maximum range of 16Km, ideal for sites with multiple dwellings.

Units can be either Indoor or Outdoor (IP66 Weather Proofing) rated and we can even supply cages and protection to prevent accidental activations.

All of our systems comply with Current Ofsted Lockdown Procedure guidelines that are in line with the advice from the NCTO (National Counter Terrorism Office), particularly that the use of Fire alarms and Intruder Alarms should not be used to avoid an incorrect reaction to an Alert.

All of this can then be monitored and controlled by a Desktop PC Application, allowing you to view your network of devices, locate the point of an Alarm Initiation and also reset after an ‘All-Clear’ is signaled. You can also initiate a Silent Test mode and set up email alerts to 3 separate groups in the event of an activation.

Our Handy Tips for a Lock-Down Situation:

  • Ensure you turn off lights and close any curtains / blinds where possible.
  • Switch all mobile phones onto silent as to not alert as to where you are.
  • Within schools, it is also a good idea to get yourself and Students under desks to give the impression of an empty room.
  • Include Testing Regularly, as you would do with your Fire Alarm.


If you are thinking about installing a Lockdown System at your property then contact us today. We service the Chelmsford, Colchester, Essex and Suffolk areas.