Finding trustworthy CCTV installers can be difficult at times. And when it comes to CCTV installers, Colchester has no shortage of options. But how to you know that the installer you’ve found is trustworthy? Lenz Security believes you should have the tools to choose a CCTV installer company with confidence.

Here are a few things that let you know the CCTV installers you have found are trustworthy (from a team of expert CCTV installers)!

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Your first indication of how trustworthy your CCTV installers are is their accreditation. Here are a couple stamps of approval to keep an eye out for (and what they mean).

SSAIB – Is the ‘Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board’. SSAIB is a non-profit certification body approved by the ‘Security Industry Authority’ and their certifications are considered to be a mark of excellence.
NSI – or ‘National Security Inspectorate’, is one of the most widely recognised certification bodies. An NSI accreditation certifies that a company is technologically competent and trustworthy.



Websites are great at providing insight into a company. How long have they been in the business? Experience, details about their services, and a general overview of the company will provide you with a good concept of the business and whether your CCTV installers are trustworthy or not.

Green flags on a website: Installation is one of the most important aspects when purchasing any kind of security system and any trustworthy security company will be more than happy to advertise that their team are expert installers on their website.

Do they mention the skill level of their installation team? Do they have any reviews on their website? This is a good time to look for company accreditations!


Get in touch

Reaching out to CCTV installers is one of the most effective ways to assess how trustworthy they are and compare all of your options. Some CCTV installers could have an excellent website and some good reviews, but by speaking to them on the phone, or meeting them in person, it’ll become clear whether they are all that they claim to be.

A couple of questions to ask:
What type of CCTV systems do you have and can you show me an example or the specs? (make sure to make a note of any camera names/specifications)

Will you be the person installing my CCTV system?

Do you offer the latest model? If not, which models do you offer?


Warranty policy

Take a look at their warranty policy. Regardless of how trustworthy CCTV installers are, it is always best to opt for a company that provides an extended warranty. But warranty policy isn’t just good at protecting your interests, it can be an indicator for how trustworthy the CCTV installers are. The last thing a company wants is to lose money – and the longer the warranty, the greater their risk is of this happening. So, it follows that the longer the warranty, the greater their confidence that they won’t be required to replace or refund a client.

The same applies to their maintenance policy. Trustworthy companies should have no issue repairing any faulty or damaged systems. And their policy on CCTV system maintenance reveals more than their trustworthiness. It shows how much they value their customers’ security. For example, here at Lenz Security, we value the security of our customers above all else. It’s why we do what we do!

This is why we are happy to provide CCTV maintenance services for all of our customers.

Not all CCTV installers have this policy, and if they don’t, it doesn’t mean they are not trustworthy. It is just a big green flag if it is part of their policy.



This might be one of the first things you consider when looking into CCTV installers. But it’s important to consider the price from all angles. Generally speaking, when it comes to security systems, you get what you pay for!

The more expensive security systems will be top of the line and it will show in their performance. But you may not be in need of the most advanced CCTV or security systems. However, it is best to find a middle ground. Cheap CCTV installers are often cheap for a reason – your reduced cost may not appear in the price tag, but it will likely show up somewhere else.

Check out our blog to learn more about how cheap security systems can cost you more money in the long run.

If price is a concern, it’s best to speak to a company that provides bespoke security systems so they are able to accommodate your needs and budget. Lenz Security is happy to provide our bespoke service for people looking for the most trustworthy CCTV systems Colchester provides.


Word of mouth

It may seem like an old fashioned approach to help you form an opinion, but it can be incredibly insightful! Take note of general shared opinions or specific experiences of those you speak to.


Official reviews

If you’re not sure who to ask, can’t find anyone with any real experience in working/hiring CCTV installers, or just want a better overview, then you should seek out official testimonials and online reviews. And remember, when scoping out reviews, always read as many as you can.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher a good company based on reviews – the worst reviews could be an exaggerated account or a red flag. But how do you know which is which? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, but by looking at blogs like ‘The secret ratio’ and using your own judgment, you can feel more confident in the opinion you form.


Trustworthy CCTV Installers

Are you looking for the most trustworthy CCTV installers Colchester has to offer?

When looking for businesses that specialise in CCTV installation, Colchester offers a range of CCTV installers – and whilst you scope out your options, we suggest adding our name to your list.

Lenz Security is upfront and honest about the expert services we offer our customers. We can’t speak for other CCTV installers, but we consider ourselves to be trustworthy – and we hope you agree!

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