How can CCTV installation Essex help secure your summer home?

Summer homes are often unattended for the majority of the year. This makes them ideal targets for trespassing, theft and vandalism. As a homeowner, it is important to take steps to ensure the security of your premises and the safety of your assets.

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The first line of defence is always to deter. Unattended for the majority of the year, your summer home is a prime target for intruders. Many residents in the area will be aware that your home is uninhabited for a great deal of time – unfortunately the same can be said for intruders.

All of our security systems are expertly installed and provide remote control. This unique feature of our security systems allows remote access to visual display and lighting control. Virtual lighting control means you are able to turn the lights on and off throughout the evening/night, making it seem as though your premises are currently inhabited. The possibility of a person residing at the premises acts as a deterrent and makes your property less of a target.

CCTV Installation Essex

It is a wise idea to use the CCTV installation Essex has to offer, to your advantage. Lenz Security offers high dimensional CCTV systems equipped with remote viewing technology – so you are able to monitor your summer home from afar, all year round!

Unfortunately, intruders are adept at identifying cheap and/or faulty systems. It is understandable that someone may be more inclined to opt for a cheaper security system. But these systems are much more susceptible to damage and if they are monitoring rarely inhabited premises, you may not notice if the system stops working. You are more likely to encounter issues with your CCTV if you do not consider the professional CCTV Installation Essex has to offer. Get in touch with our team to discuss our expert security system installation process or check out our blog to learn more about how cheaper security systems cost more in the long term.

With years of experience in the expert CCTV installation Essex can offer, Lenz Security can testify to the importance of high-quality CCTV systems. However, whilst excellent at monitoring, CCTV may not deter intruders – and we’d recommend an additional line of defence.

Intruder alarms

Our SSAIB certified intruder alarms provide your residence with smart home security you can trust. Fit with remote viewing, our high-quality home alarm systems notify you of any suspicious activity on your premises via your device. And our dual path transmission means you can feel secure in the knowledge that emergency services are on hand even if you can’t be there yourself.

Lenz security also offers 24/7 system support and an alarm callout service – so your home security system remains as effective and secure as the day it was installed. To learn more about our intruder alarm system features, head over to our services page or get in touch with our team.

Lock security | Why you need CCTV installation Essex

Consider potential entry points

When leaving a residence unattended, it is vital to ensure all potential entry points are as secure as possible. Here are a few to consider:
Windows – ensure all are closed and locked with window keys removed.
Patio doors – draw blinds if you have any, ensure every door is securely locked and all keys are removed from the locks.
Skylights – if your skylights are able to be opened, ensure they are all securely closed, especially if you have slanted roofs or they are on the ground floor (these are the easiest places to gain access).

Any neighbours?

It’s always a good idea to take pre-emptive steps and contact neighbours to ask them to report any suspicious behaviour. If you do not have any neighbours, the dual path transmission provided as part of our home security systems is all the more integral to the security of your summer home.

Lock quality and security

The quality of your lock is also integral to the security of your premises. Cheap locks are easier for intruders to break, remove and/or use to provide a quiet entrance into your residences. Learn more about lock security advice for your home here.

Even with top of the line lock security, you will still face possible intrusion into your premises. And that is what makes Lenz Security intruder alarm and CCTV systems so important for the security of your premises.

CCTV installation Essex

Here at Lenz Security, we understand that security systems are more than just detection and monitoring systems, they’re your peace of mind. That’s why our top of the line security systems are SSAIB accredited and professionally installed by our team of experts. Learn more about our services or get in touch with us today.


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