The appeal of a good offer is always tempting. But the unfortunate truth is that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is a nationwide issue in the home security system sector, the lure of cheaper security systems is leading to financial loss, often for the customers. And as professional experts, we can testify that home alarm systems, Colchester and the surrounding areas are no exception.

This is why Lenz Security has decided to give you the information you need to make the safest and most informed decision you can about home alarm systems. Colchester, pay attention!

So how exactly can cheap security systems cause more long term financial loss?


1. Materials that are used

The materials of a security system are an essential component in its durability and therefore, longevity. Cheaper materials can mean the encasing of the system is more susceptible to weather damage and general wear and tear.

Cheaper wireless models will likely be more inefficient and require more frequent battery maintenance as well as more susceptible to general signal interference and malfunctioning.
Lower quality materials have knock-on effects which mean customers are more likely to require more frequent replacements and cost more in the long term.

This is why Lenz Security uses only the highest grade materials and manufacturers when sourcing components for installation of the home alarm systems Colchester require.

2. Installation

One of the reasons security systems can appear cheap is because they cut corners on installation costs. A good security installation company will employ and train their staff to a high and expert standard. Security system installation is complex, especially wired systems. Any security system that requires self-installation or very low installation costs are not worth the risk. Incorrect installation can lead to faulty systems and/or wiring. Ignoring the immediate issue of a faulty system, exposed and faulty wiring can be dangerous and pose a safety threat.

Self-installation may be attractive in reducing costs but you will likely run into issues without the technical support of a professional security system installer. These issues may mean you end up spending more money on repairs and replacements, long term, trying to fix your mistakes.
Leave it to the experts. Lenz Security are professional security system installers of home alarm systems in Colchester areas, and we know our business.

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3. Purpose

Security systems vary greatly not just on what you are looking for but what system is most secure and effective for your home. Professional security system installers like Lenz Security can provide you with tailored advice for a customised security system to ensure your building is as secure as it can be.

Cheaper security systems can also complicate any upgrades or additions you decide to install at a later date. This often occurs when the system wasn’t installed professionally by an expert.

4. Insurance

Most insurance companies only recognise and therefore, cover British graded safety systems (often grade 2 and 3)

There could be a large payout for you if your system isn’t functioning due to poor installation (or if it does not meet a required certification) and you need to make a claim.

All of Lenz Security’s home alarm systems in Colchester meet the required certification and are recognised by insurance companies.

5. Quality of protection

The quality of protection for cheaper security systems is often substandard. They are likely to have inferior image sensors and camera quality significantly reducing their effectiveness.

Furthermore, there is a risk with all wireless security systems that they will be jammed and/or intercepted and deactivated. And many cheap security systems also have well known systematic weaknesses that leave them open to attack.

Burglars can notice the difference between a cheap vs a quality security system, which could leave your system vulnerable.

Which is why Lenz Security installs only the highest quality home alarm systems Colchester has to offer.


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