It may seem like an unimportant question but it is one that should be considered by anyone contemplating purchasing a security system Colchester, or anywhere else in the UK. It may be requested for investigations or for evidence in a prosecution.

But just how useful is a security system Colchester, and how are they used in the Justice system?


Security System Colchester


Well, prior to a reliable domestic or commercial security system Colchester police relied almost entirely on eyewitness testimonies and quantifiable evidence that was able to be gathered from a crime scene. This led to countless reports of false accusations, cold cases and insufficient evidence for prosecution.

To understand the role of how a security system Colchester is used within the justice system, we must first understand the pitfalls of solely using the techniques that were previously available. Witnesses were the primary source of information. From identifying the suspect, identification of the crime and sequence of events. The biggest issue with this is human error.

Research has shown eye witness testimonies are subject to a number of confounding factors. Investigators’ language can produce altered and biased perspectives which lead to inaccurate recall during testimonies. And if a person or victim is biased towards a specific individual or group, they may accidentally give false information without realising. Effectively, it comes down to being human. We are not designed to recall specific sequences of a seemingly insignificant event. Which can often be the evidence the justice system relies on.

Well, would rely on: if it wasn’t for the security system Colchester has in homes and workplaces across the town.


Advantages of using CCTV in court


Simply put, the biggest advantage of a security system is objective truth. It records what appears in front of it. And that makes it a more reliable witness than any human!

Security systems can identify an individual’s features and capture their gait, better than any human. Furthermore, there is the ability to rewind, re-examine, and compare footage against large databases for facial recognition.

If these techniques yield no results, footage is often released to the public as an accurate and reliable image/video. Dated and time-stamped footage can also narrow the suspect pool significantly, confirming alibis and recording accurate times for the crime committed.

Another unique advantage is the benefits that multiple security and surveillance systems provide. As CCTV and other security systems have increased in popularity, investigators are able to track a person’s movement. The system of networks allows for surveyance of an incredibly large area which, under closer examination, can significantly aid an investigation and track the location of a person of interest.

Subsequently, CCTV provides objective evidence and is used frequently in court and the justice system, as you can see in countless crime-related news articles.

However, there are other factors that can affect the value, objectivity, and value of CCTV use within the justice system. The quality of the system is chiefly responsible for its value in providing an objective account of events. Cheaper CCTV systems compromise on quality. Cheaper systems are also likely to have lower-quality images which can cause a number of issues. It becomes less clear regarding the sequence of events, distinguishable features of suspects, and people in the footage.

They are also subject to interference which, when used in the court of law, can call into question the accuracy of the time/dated recording: subsequently affecting your, or others’, case. This is why it is important to ensure your CCTV system is of high quality and professionally installed.

For more information about the implications of a cheap vs high-quality security system, take a look at our December blog.



Security system Colchester

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