We consider ourselves to be the best CCTV installers Colchester has to offer. With home security systems and all the bits in between, we guarantee you Lenz Security has everything you need for all and any home security needs.
If you’re struggling to find a trustworthy security company for your home protection needs, Lenz Security is here to help. Here are 10 reasons why Lenz Security is the best at what we do.

Best CCTV Installers | Lenz Security

1. Your friendly, neighborhood security-man

Lenz Security operates from the newly promoted city of Colchester, in the heart of Essex. This allows us to easily provide our services to all areas of East Anglia, some parts of London and surrounding areas of Essex. Get in touch here to see if we cover your address.


2. There whenever you need us

Being so central allows Lenz Security to provide 24/7 emergency call outs to all customers. This means, day or night, if you have a security issue and need help urgently, one of our expert engineers will be with you as fast as they can.
Along with this service, Lenz Security offers a remote ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ or ‘Quarterly’ Health-Check on all systems with a full report straight to your email. This means we are able to continuously provide you with advice on how to keep your home protected even after we’ve installed our systems.


All this just proves that…


3. We care about you!

Lenz Security care, and we’re not just saying that. We are and always have been a business that’s prepared to go above and beyond to make sure our customers feel cared for. Along with caring about providing you super security, Lenz Security cares about being totally transparent and fair.
This means we will only ever advise products that are suitable for your needs and will never oversell our systems. We only recommend what would truly benefit you and your home.
Lenz Security also prides ourselves on providing affordable prices with high quality results, so all households have access to home security.

Best CCTV Installers | Lenz Security


So, why do we care so much?


4. We understand what security means to a home

Lenz Security is a family run business with nearly a decade’s worth of experience. We understand more than anybody what safety means to a family home and believe every home should feel secure, safe and protected. Our goal is to help make this achievable for as many families as possible by providing reliable, trustworthy home security systems across and around Essex.

As part of our mission to help homes feel protected, we offer more than just CCTV systems. We know that sometimes, especially in places with high crime rates, extra protection is a must, so here they are.


5. The extras

Over the years, we’ve collected what we believe to be everything anybody looking for security could ask for. Whether you want to feel more protected, make your home less of a target or want to cover yourself with extra evidence if the worst were ever to happen, Lenz Security can help.


Extra protection, evidence and deterrents –


Glass break detectors and door and window detectors

The easiest point of entry to any property is through a window or door, be it broken or just opened. Installing detectors will allow you to be notified via a triggered alarm whenever a door or window is opened, or if glass is smashed. These detectors add extra protection to you, as you’ll be alerted the minute any unwanted person steps foot through your door or smashes your windows. These also act as great deterrents, as more often than not, the loud, blaring alarms are enough to scare them off.

Access control

Access control allows you more control over who has access or entry to your property. This adds an extra level of protection and peace of mind for your household.



If you have a CCTV system installed but you’re still worried about person identification, audio is a great addition if you CCTV doesn’t already have it. Capturing somebody’s voice on audio along with CCTV footage is a sure way to help identify an offender if the worst was ever to happen.



Flood lights and motion sensor lighting are great for security. They deter criminals from targeting your property by making it harder for them to go unnoticed. When a bright, harsh white light is beaming down on you, letting your CCTV camera capture their every move, being discreet and invisible is no longer an option. This is normally too much risk and is enough to discourage criminals. Lighting also helps with identification processes by exposing faces and body builds more clearly. Our best CCTV installers are experts at positioning camera systems and lights just right, so you can capture everything crystal clear.

Although Lenz Security focuses very heavily on protecting against the threat of people, we also recognise other dangers your home may face.


6. Fire alarms

Lenz Security helps protect your property in more ways than one, including house fires. In the past few years, there was a 28% failure rate of smoke alarms that failed to operate or were not present in the UK.
To combat this, Lenz Security provides fire alarm systems to help protect your home. Don’t take the risk, get in touch with Lenz Security to find out how we can help protect you against fires.

CCTV Installers | Lenz Security

7. We’re up to date

Criminals are always finding new ways and tactics of doing things, and so the security world needs to continuously develop and evolve in order to keep fighting against new and old threats. This is why Lenz Security only offers the most high tech, top quality security to make sure you are always fully protected.

Our home systems are connectable to your smartphone, so that you can view your property at any point in the day, from anywhere. You have the ability to view live footage, playback recordings and take snapshots all from one screen. Our systems can also be remotely administered, meaning if an issue is easily fixed, we can make the mends quick and easy from our offices without having to bother you at your property.


8. The best CCTV installers

We only have the best CCTV installers who are experienced, professional engineers with an extensive knowledge of security systems. They care just as much about providing you the best protection for your home as you do, and are always on hand to help advise or fix any issues you may be experiencing. Our best CCTV installers know how to perfectly install and angle your cameras to get the widest coverage of your property, and can advise on what other home security may benefit you.


9. We are accredited

Lenz Security holds SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarm Inspections Board) accreditation. This is extra comfort for all customers that Lenz Security only operates at the highest standard.

If you’re still unsure, read on to see who else we’re trusted by.


10. We’re recommended by many

If you can’t see by now why Lenz Security are the best CCTV installers for all your home security needs, then check out what some of our wonderful customers have to say about their experience with us here. If you don’t take our word for it, have a read to see why we’re many families’ number 1 choice for protecting their home.


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