Choosing a security alarm can prove difficult. With the range of models, specs, features and prices available today, you could easily spend hours upon hours researching to find the right alarm for you. The best CCTV camera installers Colchester and the surrounding areas has to offer, Lenz Security, is here to help make the process a little easier.

Grades are important. They’re a universal way to help decipher the level of quality a service, item or business offers. Thankfully, security alarms come in graded and ungraded options. Once you understand if graded or ungraded would be best for what you’re looking for and understand the types of grades, your security alarm hunting will suddenly get a whole lot simpler!

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Graded or Ungraded?

Graded alarms refer to security alarms that have undergone rigorous testing to make sure they are up to the standards of the UK and European Standards on intruder alarms. This means alarms that are graded are held to a higher standard of performance than ungraded alarms and are therefore able to offer better protection.

Ungraded alarms are simply alarms that have not undergone the same professional testing, are not accredited, and are often known to perform at a lower quality. These alarms are susceptible to false alarms and malfunctions as they follow no set level of performance and protection standards.

Offering the best CCTV installation, Colchester-based Lenz Security knows a thing or two about good home security. We always recommend graded security alarms over ungraded ones if you want optimum safety!

The Grading

Alarms will be graded depending on how they respond to specific testing. These include how well the system withstands criminal interference, how fast they detect and alert, how sensitive the sensors are and how accurate the alarm’s signalling is. Grading the quality of protection the security alarm offers allows customers to more accurately choose a security alarm that best fits them for the protection they’re after.


The Grades

There are 4 different grades, as defined by the EN 50131 standard.

Grade 1 – A basic system, designed for homes with low risk and low value.

Grade 2 – A standard system grade for home protection. It is reliable enough to cover all entrance points and resist criminals’ attempts to disable it.

Grade 3 – A more complex system, typically for larger properties and businesses.

Grade 4 – The highest quality security alarm system, typically for highly targeted buildings such as banks.

Lenz Security, the best CCTV camera installers Colchester and the surrounding areas has, recommends Grade 2 for protecting the standard family home.

CCTV camera installers Colchester - Lenz Security

The Pros

Graded alarms make choosing the correct alarm for you and your valuables easy. They provide assurance that you are picking the correct amount of coverage for your property, and are not over-paying for security you do not need (for instance, a grade 4 alarm on a family home is not recommended)

They also mean you are choosing an alarm that is up to standards with the UK and European Standards on intruder alarms, so whatever specs, make and model and price, you know your alarm will provide you with the security and protection you need.

One of the most attractive benefits of opting for graded alarms is the relationship they have with emergency services. Graded alarms are most often connected to an alarm monitoring centre. After confirming a break-in with you, or if the centre does not hear from you, the system will automatically dispatch police to your alarm’s location. This level of protection is what makes graded alarms such a good choice for protecting what you love.

Here are some other great benefits to opting for a graded security alarm –

* Your home insurance may be reduced if you have graded security alarms installed.
* Graded alarms are designed to minimise false alarms, meaning wasting less police time.
* Graded alarms are high quality, and they are designed to outlast ungraded alarms.


The Cons

Unfortunately, the only con that comes with buying a graded alarm is the higher price compared to an ungraded alarm.

As the best CCTV camera installers Colchester and surrounding areas have to offer, Lenz Security knows a thing or two about security. From experience, we know that graded alarms perform at a high quality and last longer than ungraded alarms and therefore help protect your property better. If you are after cheap, DIY security alarms, ungraded alarms such as the Ring Alarm are the way to go, but these will not perform to the same quality as a graded alarm.

CCTV camera installers Colchester - Lenz Security


The best CCTV camera installers Colchester – Lenz Security

Part of meeting the grading requirements means security alarms have to be installed by a professional (enter the best CCTV installer Colchester has to offer, Lenz Security!) This ensures the alarm is installed correctly to increase the longevity of the alarm’s life and work to its highest standard. It also reduces the chance of false alarms, which are a common problem when an alarm has not been fitted correctly. In the UK, police will downgrade a property if they receive more than three false alarms in one year, meaning response times could be longer when you really need it. With the best CCTV Installation Colchester has seen, Lenz Security will expertly install your graded security alarm for optimum security.


What maintenance can I expect?

When opting for a graded alarm, you are choosing a high-tech system that may require checks. This is to make sure everything is working to its highest potential to provide you with the best security. With the best CCTV installation Colchester has seen, Lenz Security is able to carry out routine maintenance checks on your system remotely, meaning we do all the work from our office and you never have to worry.

If your graded alarm system is ever in need of some TLC, Lenz Security’s remote support system can fix any issue from our end quick and easy. If it’s something we cannot fix remotely, we’ll arrange a call out to your property asap with our 24-hour support team. Find out more about our support system here.


What next?

Ultimately, the type of security alarm you need is dependent upon your type of home, your needs and expectations from a security alarm and the level of protection you want.

If you decide on a graded alarm, look at Lenz Security’s range of graded security alarm options. Our mission is to make every property a safe and secure one in and around Essex, and we believe this can only be achieved by supplying quality graded alarms that are made to last. Of course, our alarms are all fitted by the best CCTV camera installers Colchester and the surrounding areas has to offer, the Lenz Security installation team!

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