However you spend your Christmas, for most people, the ideal situation is to spend as little time at the office as possible. This means, for a good chunk of the December period, your office space will be empty. With more companies opting to shut down between Christmas and the New Year, your vacant office space is the perfect target for criminals.

Here at Lenz Security, we couldn’t think of anything worse than shutting up shop to enjoy the winter holidays with family and friends, only to return to find you’ve been victim to opportunists.

If you’re leaving your office space unoccupied for a fortnight this December, it’s highly important to take action to protect your valuables and property to avoid a Christmas disaster. Here’s how Lenz Security, with the best CCTV installation Colchester has to offer, recommends you shield and secure your property while closed for Christmas.

Commercial CCTV Installation Essex with Lenz Security

CCTV systems

While it may seem obvious, many commercial properties still do not have CCTV to record their premises. This is a big mistake.

CCTV is the most popular option for security for a good reason. A good CCTV system will allow 24/7 recording of your premises so that all activity is captured on film. This alone is enough to deter and scare away most opportunists.

The CCTV you choose can make all the difference. If your property is targeted by a more confident and experienced criminal, a low-quality system is easy to spot and even easier to tamper with. Opting for a high-quality CCTV system – like Lenz Security’s – will give you the best possible chance at protecting your property.

Lenz Security’s CCTV systems are designed to withstand damage from offenders’ attempts to disarm or break them so that your system works when it matters most. Not only will CCTV capture the offender’s every move, but if you arm your property with Lenz Security’s high-dimensional CCTV system, you can relax knowing you’ll receive the clearest, high-resolution image possible to offer as evidence – ultimately giving you the best chance of identification.

Lenz Security’s CCTV systems also offer remote viewing technology, allowing you to check in on your building at any point in the day, wherever you are.

Of course, excellent CCTV systems almost always require installation by a professional to optimise their full abilities. Thankfully, Lenz Security offers the best commercial CCTV Installation Essex has to offer. Make sure you can relax with family and friends this Christmas by arming your commercial property with our CCTV system. 


Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms aren’t just for Christmas. Good security is essential, whatever the season. That’s why our top-grade systems with integrated automation and remote viewing from mobile devices are one of the best measures to take to deter and alert on a high level.

Lenz Security’s SSAIB-certified intruder alarms will notify you of any suspicious activity while you’re away via your device. If we cannot get hold of you to verify the activity, emergency services will be contacted on your behalf.

Of course, with the best Commercial CCTV Installation Essex has to offer, Lenz Security also provides 24/7 system support and an alarm call-out service. This means your home system always runs at its highest potential to keep your commercial property protected. To learn more about our intruder alarms, take a look here.

Commercial CCTV Installation Essex with Lenz Security

Access control systems

Lenz Security offers the best Commercial CCTV Installation Essex has seen, so we know a thing or two about what works well with what. Our access control systems are an excellent choice to pair alongside our CCTV systems to make accessing your property high-risk and difficult for unwanted visitors.

The time criminals will spend trying to override and hack your access control system will result in more time in front of your CCTV system. This creates more chances of the individual slipping up and giving away more of their identity.

When you choose Lenz Security, with the best Commercial CCTV Installation Essex has to offer, easily control and limit who has access to your commercial building from your device. Take a look at our access control systems here.


Commercial CCTV Installation Essex with Lenz Security

Here at Lenz Security, we know the best Christmas gift of all is protection for what matters most. That’s why our high-quality security systems are SSAIB accredited and installed by the best Commercial CCTV Installation Essex has to offer.

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