As an outcome of the horrific Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017, the government has responded by reviewing and updating the UK fire safety regulations to avoid a tragedy like this recurring. This has resulted in the change to the existing Fire Safety Order 2005.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 exists to control everyday fires and keep the British public safe – and has done for over a decade. From the 23rd of January 2023, the UK will see a new order (under article 24) put into place to further the fire safety of the UK. This is the Fire Safety Regulations 2022.


Who do the new fire safety regulations 2022 affect?

The new fire safety regulations 2022 affect every individual in the UK. Fire safety is a responsibility of every single one of us to make sure we are protecting our people and environment the best we can.

However, the new regulations do have a more direct effect on responsible persons of residential tower buildings and buildings above 11 meters in height. The new rules now require responsible persons to implement additional safety measures and submit additional structure information. Some of these include –

* To submit detailed construction information on floors, walls, plans, lifts, stairs, and buildings as well as any known faults to the structure to their local fire service. This also includes a list of internal materials used in the building, such as cladding. This will then be reviewed and recorded, and if necessary, action will be taken to ensure better safety.
* To check annually and ensure all doors to all flats are functioning, and to check quarterly that all communal fire doors are of fit use.
* To provide all residents with fire safety instructions, including a fire action plan for the building.
* To ensure wayfinding signage is visible and clear enough to direct in an emergency.

fire safety regulations 2022

New fire alarm regulations

Along with a change in fire safety law comes new fire alarm regulations.

Perhaps the most important and effective piece of fire safety equipment out there, fire alarms alert individuals of a potential fire risk before the fire is out of control. This is a proactive approach to preventing fires instead of responding to them once it’s too late. Fire alarms have saved the lives of millions of people all over the world.

The new fire alarm regulations came into force in October 2022. They require all landlords to have at least one fire alarm installed on each floor of a home and to ensure smoke alarms are repaired or replaced as soon as found to be faulty.

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What if these new regulations don’t directly affect me?

Whether the new regulations directly affect you or not, being aware of the changing rules is important. It’s not only our responsibility as a nation to abide by the fire safety rules, but also to spread awareness and encourage active fire safety to protect our people and the surrounding area. If you know somebody who this may directly affect, make sure to remind them about the changing law. If you work in a high-rise building, suggesting to review the rules to your safety manager could go a long way.


Is your home protected?

The changing fire safety regulations 2022 is also a good reminder to check fire safety in your own home. Accidents happen every day, but with proper protection, these accidents can be limited.

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When you install one of Lenz Security’s security systems or CCTV systems, you can rest assured that your home is better protected against all possible disasters. Whether you need evidence to help identify a burglar, or you need to determine what caused a house fire, our systems will capture what you need. Get in touch here to see how we can help you.

fire safety regulations 2022

How can Lenz Security help you follow the fire safety regulations 2022 and the new fire alarm regulations?

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