Home security is a top priority for all homeowners, and understandably so. With the rise of burglary rates in Colchester in recent years, it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking for ways to protect their homes and families.

Burglar alarms have become increasingly popular as a way to deter criminals from entering your property, which is why it’s so surprising that some individuals are still questioning if it’s really worth the investment.

Lenz Security – offering the best burglar alarm installation Colchester has to offer – knows a thing or two about just how valuable burglar alarms can be. Here are all the benefits of burglar alarm installation Colchester you could be missing out on!

burglar alarm installation colchester

Why should I get an alarm?

63% of burglaries in the UK happen to properties without a basic security system. Not properly protecting your home could make your property the perfect pick for criminals.

While you will never be able to guarantee your home is 100% protected from opportunists, taking steps such as installing CCTV systems, flood lights and burglar alarms can drastically lessen your chances of being broken into.

Criminals hate to be in the spotlight, cause a scene, or draw attention. Essentially, they want to be as quiet and invisible as possible. Burglar alarms make sure this can not happen. Once triggered, a criminal’s whereabouts are visible to all. This is normally enough for inexperienced opportunists to flee the scene.

Burglar alarms won’t stop crime, but they do increase your chances of only having an attempted break-in instead of a break-in.


Are they effective?

One way to know if an alarm is effective at deterring criminals is to just ask them. According to a study by the University of North Carolina, 83% of 400 convicted burglars said they would look for any present alarms before attempting a break-in, and 60% said they would pick a different target if a property had visible security in place, such as burglar alarms and CCTV.

Lenz Security – experts in burglar alarm installation Colchester – believe this evidence is a pretty big indicator that burglar alarms are effective at acting as a deterrent. Unfortunately, not every offender will be put off by security systems, but more than half would. In our eyes, this makes burglar alarms worthwhile.


How long will they protect my property?

The standard burglar alarm system can last up to 20 years, which provides protection to your home for two whole decades.

At Lenz Security, we take pride in being the top company for burglar alarm installation Colchester can give. We believe that security systems are investments that should last for years, which is why we ensure that our up-to-date alarms are installed by experts and regularly maintained to the highest standard possible.

Our team of dedicated professionals assure your alarm will achieve its optimum potential to provide you with reliable and long-lasting security.

burglar alarm installation colchester

Burglar alarms could help you in a dangerous situation

Shockingly, 58% of burglaries in the UK occur while someone is actually at home. If you and your loved ones find yourself in this situation, your burglar alarm could be your saving grace.

Not only will your burglar alarm alert you that you have company and give you enough time to make an exit, but the Lenz Security monitoring team will also be notified of your situation. If we cannot get hold of you to confirm a false alarm, we will contact the police and any other emergency services needed. This means we will send the required authorities straight to your home, which could mean all the difference in the world when placed in a dangerous emergency like this.

Along with burglar alarms, panic alarms should also be considered if you’re looking to prepare yourself for a dangerous situation like this. Lenz Security’s panic alarms can be linked with our burglar alarms to provide ultimate protection. Panic alarms, when activated, will alert the police immediately and give you the fastest response time to your situations possible.


Is it worth it?

Here at Lenz Security, we believe that a burglar alarm is 100% a worthy investment. They enhance security and protect your valuables and loved ones from harm. While it cannot guarantee complete prevention of crime, it can serve as a powerful deterrent against burglars and reduce the likelihood of your home becoming a target.

However, a high-quality burglar alarm does not have to be a huge investment. When you choose durable home security alarms from Lenz Security, you can be guaranteed top-of-the-range systems with the most modern technology, perfectly installed with the best burglar alarm installation Colchester has seen, all for an affordable price!

We believe everybody should be able to afford protection and security, which is why our prices stay low and our quality stays high.


How else can I protect my property?

When it comes to home security, more is better than less. Our security solutions range from the highest quality CCTV cameras, exceptional security lighting, home alarms, access control systems and more. If you’re looking to upgrade the safety of your home, take a look at what we can offer here.


Burglar alarm installation Colchester with Lenz Security

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