CCTV Systems

The installation of CCTV systems is one of our specialties. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start or what system will suit your needs. That’s where we come in at Lenz Security. Our highly qualified team of engineers have the knowledge to be able to offer advice across the board.

CCTV systems are so important in helping to prevent intrusion into homes and businesses. Our blog that covers all things CCTV systems is here to help you get an understanding of why and how CCTV can help to protect you if you’re currently sitting on the fence.

We like to make our processes as smooth as possible for our customers. Thankfully, modern advances in technology make it possible to create robust and intuitive systems to keep all of your valuables safe. We can help you ensure the highest possible level of security, protecting what matters most to you.

If you’ve read enough, contact us today. We also offer a free, no obligation quote service so that we can provide you with the exact package that meets your needs.

CCTV Installer – Essex’s Third Eye

CCTV Installer – Essex’s Third Eye

As a top rated CCTV installer Essex’s Lenz Security knows that over the past few years, home properties have been the ideal target for criminals, resulting in an increase in loss, theft and damage related crimes. You can view the 2021 national statistics here....