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CCTV systems protect your home, lower the chances of burglaries, and put your mind at rest. There’s no better feeling than knowing that your home is safe while you’re not around. It’s pretty easy to get your hands on a self-install CCTV system, but this doesn’t mean that you should. So, should you be using a professional CCTV installer in Colchester?

The simple answer is always, yes! Of course we’re biased on the subject. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re not looking out for your best interests. Let’s look at the pros and cons of self-install camera systems against using a professional CCTV installer.

Professional CCTV Installer VS DIY Camera System

Protecting Privacy

Professional CCTV Installer | CCTV Colchester | Lenz Security

There is a lot to consider when purchasing and installing a CCTV system for your home. If you’re going DIY, one of the biggest considerations should be the privacy of your neighbours and public areas that your cameras may cover. If your CCTV captures images outside of your property boundary, you effectively become a data controller and will need to adhere to the GDPR.

Should you fail to comply with data protection laws, you could be subject to action from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This could result in fines or court claims from affected individuals. A professional CCTV installer knows these laws inside out and will be able to place your cameras effectively.

Pricing & Risks

Professional HikVision CCTV Installer | CCTV Colchester | Lenz Security
DIY Camera Systems are generally cheaper than having a professional install CCTV in your home. However, if not installed correctly, could actually end up costing you more in the long run. It’s up to you what risks you are willing to take. If you buy a CCTV system online and decide to install it yourself, you could run the risk of not qualifying for your warranty should the system not be installed correctly. The implications of this down the line could be harmful. For example, if you suffer a burglary and your insurance company claims that your system wasn’t installed correctly, you could lose your case. This is where a professional CCTV installer comes in handy, the peace of mind in knowing that your CCTV system has been installed correctly means that if you’re ever in the unfortunate situation to be taken to court, you should have an irrefutable case.


There is a lot of work that goes into professional installation and it really does make all the difference. There are no amount of YouTube videos that can substitute for years of experience combined with years worth of CCTV installs. A professional CCTV installer comes with experience in understanding privacy issues, they come with all the necessary equipment to install your CCTV, understanding of network cabling and more.


Overall, we truly believe that it’s worth spending the money on using a professional CCTV installer to help you secure your home. You pay for what you get.
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