If you are looking for an expert CCTV installer Colchester based Lenz Security offers security solutions to suit any commercial or domestic property. In previous blogs, we have discussed the benefits of CCTV installation, which are many. In this blog, we would like to look at the benefits of adding audio to your video surveillance for your domestic or commercial property.


Covering all of Essex as a CCTV installer Colchester based Lenz Security has performed CCTV installations at hundreds of locations. CCTV is a great way of protecting your home or business against vandalism or break-ins. By adding audio to your surveillance solution you can expect to see even more benefits than you would with a standard CCTV setup. Here are some of the reasons why audio video security will benefit your property.

Audio Video Security CCTV Installer Colchester

Additional effective crime deterrent


Traditional CCTV is a great way to deter vandalism or a potential intruder. Audio CCTV offers extra protection, as you have the ability to issue a warning there and then. If you see someone suspicious or someone who looks like they may be about to commit a crime you are able to say something like “To the gentleman in the black coat, please be aware that you are being recorded, please step away from the building”. You can even pre-record a message that says something similar “please be aware that you are being recorded” which is triggered by a motion sensor on your CCTV system should anyone approach your building. Another benefit of audio on your CCTV is the extra sense it provides. If the image and audio are being monitored on a live screen, any breaking glass or suspicious noises can easily be heard by whoever is monitoring.


Provides an on the spot reaction to incidents


Audio CCTV can be a literal lifesaver in directing people to safety in the event of an accident or fire. If you have a large office block full of staff, or a large shop you can give live updates to staff or customers in the event of an emergency. Audio CCTV can also be used to direct emergency services to the exact location of an incident, saving them time and potentially saving lives.


Assisting retail sales (plus preventing potential thieves in-store)


Audio capabilities on a CCTV system are also a great way of both assisting customers and deterring theft in the retail sector. If you see someone acting suspiciously in your store you can announce that the store is constantly monitored by CCTV and thieves will be prosecuted. This will make any potential thief think twice before attempting to steal items from your store. On a positive note, you can also use the audio on your CCTV to assist customers. Should you notice a customer who looks unsure you can use the audio on the CCTV to notify the customer someone is on their way to assist them.


CCTV Installer Colchester

As you can see, installing audio video on your property (or updating your existing CCTV solution to include audio capabilities) will only improve your security as well as adding the benefits listed above. We would love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch with your local CCTV installer Colchester based Lenz Security, so for detailed advice on audio video security options please visit our contact us page, or feel free to message on our Facebook page here