Are you torn between whether you need a security camera vs video door bell for your home security needs? Perhaps you’re going to be on holiday for a long time or there has been a rise in crime in your area. Maybe you have just moved and simply want to ensure the safety of your new home. There are many reasons why you may choose to include a security system in your home, but it is important to know which kind will work best for you. This blog will help to determine the difference between having a security camera vs video doorbell and compare them so you can decide what is best for your requirements.
We will look at the key features of a security camera vs video doorbell and make some comparisons. You can also check out burglary and home security statistics in one of our previous blogs if you’re wondering about the importance of security cameras for your home.

CCTV security camera vs video doorbell

A CCTV security camera is essentially a video camera that records people’s activities to detect and prevent crime. There are hybrid, wired and wireless versions which can be connected straight to your phone.
Video doorbells can work very much the same way but tend to be of lower resolution as they are often smaller and they also generally cover less space.

Video door bell vs security camera

Pros and cons

There can be pros and cons to a security camera vs video doorbell, for example, a video doorbell may work well if you want to see when guests or delivery drivers are at the door as you could have one directly facing this area. They may work well to deter package theft and provide evidence of such. On the other hand, a CCTV camera in Colchester may offer more coverage which is better for larger property surveillance and will offer better quality in the case of identifying people and objects. A security camera vs video doorbell may come out on top when it comes to not relying on wifi, as with a video doorbell, poor wifi could mean poor connectivity.


If you’re looking at a security camera vs video doorbell you may find that CCTV security cameras are more versatile than video doorbells. You can change camera angles to suit your needs and install them in more than one location, whereas a video doorbell tends to be just for your door area.

Installation and set up

The installation of a security camera may require a more extensive setup, although this will be a professional service that will not cause you any personal hassle. Video doorbells are generally quite easy to install and often D.I.Y friendly.


When it comes to maintenance both may require regular care such as keeping the lens clean and performing regular checks, and could need battery changes too.


The cost of both can vary depending on the options you go for but CCTV security cameras generally do have higher initial costs and video doorbells may be more affordable when it comes to upfront installation.
Ongoing expenses for either video doorbell cameras or CCTV security cameras could include subscription fees for storage or additional services, there could be maintenance costs and potential replacements might be needed over time, although here at Lenz Security we do not charge for call out charges as we believe in offering our customers the very best value when they enter a service contract with us.

Lifestyle and personal preferences

You may have different needs based on your lifestyle for example whether you’re a homeowner or renting an apartment. Your daily habits can influence your need for specific features like real-time alerts which may be available whichever option you go for.

Lenz security security camera vs video door bell


Whether you choose a security camera vs video doorbell will depend completely on your personal needs, affordability and preferences. We have a great blog based on why you should get CCTV, listing the benefits for you. You may even find that a combination of both works best for you for better functionality and security.

Is it proven that CCTV changes the way that we behave?

We have found that the answer to this question is yes, CCTV in Colchester can provide the coverage that can deter those who fear being identified on camera and the visible presence of CCTV leads to a decrease in crimes in general. You can read more in our blog on how CCTV changes our behaviour for an in-depth understanding.

Other safety options

Whether you choose a security camera vs video doorbell, a camera is still just one way to protect yourself from crime. It works best when combined with other measures such as burglar alarms, security lights, door and window locks, gravel and more. You can check out our blog  on 3 simple ways to improve your home security for more advice.
Now that we’ve established that there’s more than one way to secure your home, you may be interested in our other services too. If you’re looking for the best security alarms or burglar alarms Colchester has to offer Lenz Security is here to help!

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