We have been installing home security alarms in Colchester for many years now, in which time we have heard many horror stories of break-ins that might have been avoided if certain steps had been taken beforehand. It is a sad fact of life that there are people out there who would happily break into your property and steal anything of value they find. In the worst cases, we have heard of intruders taking valuables and seriously vandalising honest people’s homes and businesses. As you can imagine, this results in an extremely traumatic experience for the victims of these crimes.

2023 burglary statistics

On a positive note, in the years since we have been installing home security alarms in Colchester, there has been a significant drop in reported home burglaries across England and Wales (just to be clear, however good we are at installing home security alarms in Colchester, we are not taking the credit for this!) But even though statistics have dropped pretty much year on year on year since 2003, 2023 still saw a whopping 275,919 reported burglaries in England and Wales. Just to clarify, that equates to an average of 755 burglaries a day, or 31 every hour. So basically there is an illegal burglary taking place every 2 minutes in England and Wales.

We are not trying to frighten you with these statistics, we are simply making you aware of the alarmingly high amount of burglaries that still occur. Fortunately, due to our efforts of installing home security alarms in Colchester, plus companies like us all over England and Wales offering the same service, reported burglaries have significantly dropped since their 2003 high, which saw an almost unbelievable 890,000 burglaries. But the fact remains, that many of these burglaries may have been prevented had the victims taken measures to improve their home security before it was too late.

So to help you avoid becoming another statistic, we have used our many years of experience in installing home security alarms in Colchester and CCTV in Colchester to provide you with these 3 simple tips for improving your home security.


Unlocked Door | Home Security Alarm In Colchester


Always, ALWAYS lock every external door

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by how many break-ins happen just by an intruder trying their luck with a door and finding it unlocked. When installing home security alarms in Colchester we have heard of people who had a habit of leaving their front or back door unlocked when popping out, or even in some cases through the night. This is especially true in what are deemed ‘safer’ areas, like villages. But just remember, even though you may have left a door unlocked for years, it only takes a burglar to try once and you become a victim. So we strongly advise you to lock every door whenever you leave a property, and for extra security, we would even suggest keeping doors locked even when you’re home. After all, it only takes a few minutes for someone to enter your home and take valuables, we have even heard of this happening when the resident was home, taking a bath. So always, ALWAYS lock every external door, whether out or at home. This also applies to windows that are open enough to allow access to the property.

Hide your keys

In years past, car theft was very common as it was relatively easy to access vehicles and ‘hot wire’ them to start the engine. With the advances in modern car design and their increased security measures, this type of crime has significantly dropped over the years. But did you know that one of the most common burglaries that currently occurs is not to target your home, it’s to target your vehicle? How? Car thieves will break into a property just to grab car keys, which allows them to then steal the vehicle. Many people have a habit of leaving their keys close to the front door as a way of not losing them, but even though this may mean you save time searching for your keys, it provides an open invitation to break in. Car thieves will look through doors and windows, and if keys are in the open it provides a reason to break into your home. We advise you to always keep your keys hidden, giving would-be intruders one less reason to try and enter your home.

Car Keys Hanging Up | Home Security Alarms In Colchester

Don’t make it obvious you’re away

A property full of valuables but has clearly been empty of people for a while is every burglar’s dream. No visible sign of activity over a prolonged period of time, letters building up, or milk/newspapers on the doorstep. All green lights to the devious mind that the property occupants are away for more than a night. Unfortunately, there have been several times we have installed one of our home security alarms in Colchester as a direct response to a Colchester resident being burgled while on holiday. If you are away from the home for a prolonged time we strongly suggest cancelling any regular deliveries, asking a neighbour to collect any mail, and if possible asking a friend or family member to pop by and turn different lights on. This will make your property appear occupied, lessening the chances an eagle-eyed criminal notices the property is empty and taking advantage.

Arm your property with the best home security alarms in Colchester

We appreciate that these tips may seem simple, but believe us, as the installers of the best home security alarms in Colchester, they are very effective! They may not stop a determined burglar, but they will help deter the casual criminal. To further secure your home then we suggest contacting the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer, Lenz Security. We also provide quality CCTV in Colchester, which will further protect your home against unwanted access. Contact the installers of the best home security alarms in Colchester to discuss the best home security system for your property.