Where do you keep your car keys overnight? On a hook near your front door? In a drawer? Next to your bed?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you could be vulnerable to car thieves. As we advance with technology, so do criminals. They can use high-tech gadgets to steal vehicles in a matter of minutes.

Tracker have provided some great insight into where people leave their car keys overnight.

Where motorists leave their car keys overnight

  1. In the hallway – either on a table or in a bag or coat pocket – 25%
  2. A dedicated key pot or key hook elsewhere in the house – 25%
  3. In a draw downstairs – 16%
  4. In my bedroom – 12%
  5. A combination of 1-4 above – 10%
  6. Somewhere in the house – I usually have to hunt for them in the morning – 8%
  7. A metal container to ensure it’s protected from a relay attack – 4%

Source: Tracker

The type of theft called a ‘relay attack’, is when two thieves work together to break into cars. They use electronic signal relay devices to infiltrate keyless systems. They can do this from up to 30m away!

Don’t worry though, there are some simple ways to stop it from happening to you.

Avoiding Keyless Car Theft

  1. Investing in a steering wheel lock. Costing about £15, these devices are a cheap, simple and effective way of deterring thieves.
  2. Invest in a Car Key Signal Blocking Pouch. You can buy these great inventions from as can cost as little as £8.99 on Amazon. These cases will completely block your key’s signal so thieves cannot use it to unlock your car. Great for peace of mind, right?
  3. Invest in an anti-theft device. There are many anti-theft devices that can track your vehicle and you can manage them from an app on your phone.
  4. Check your car’s manual to see if you can turn the key off. Turning the key off makes it impossible for thieves to amplify the key’s signal. You can switch the key off when you’re finished with the car and turn it back on before you need to use your car again. If you can’t find your manual, ask at the dealership or look online.
  5. Install CCTV. CCTV is known to deter criminals and opportunists from performing a crime as they usually don’t want to get caught on camera. At Lenz Security we offer cost effective CCTV systems that can be managed from your phone, as well as receiving motion activated notifications.
  6. Install Security Lighting. Security lighting can deter would-be-criminals and opportunists. Lighting can alert you to a presence that you may not have been aware of otherwise. Security lighting is a cost effective way of preventing car theft and key cloning.


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