Maintaining your security systems Colchester should be a top priority. Just like a car, security systems Colchester need maintenance to ensure that they continue to work efficiently. Your security system is only as effective as its weakest component. You wouldn’t get in a car that failed it’s MOT now, would you?

Here at Lenz Security we offer a number of security system maintenance packages that can be tailored to suit your needs. However, it’s not always viable to pay someone else to keep on top of it. We understand this and with that in mind have pulled together this Spring Maintenance guide, just for you.

Security Systems Colchester

I want to maintain my security system Colchester, where do I start?

Whether your security system Colchester is helping to protect your home or business, a great place to start is with regular perimeter checks. When we say regular, we mean it. Weekly checks mean that if anyone has tampered with your system, you’re likely to catch it early.

What does a perimeter check involve?

To perform a perimeter check you should:

  • Inspect the locks on all windows and doors
  • Inspect the frame around all windows and doors to ensure that there is no warping, rotting or anything that may make it easy to breach
  • If you have sensors installed:
    • Check the adhesive to ensure that they are held in place correctly
    • Wireless: Check the batteries are charged & working, if not, replace at the earliest opportunity

Inspect your Security Lighting

Security lighting is a known deterrent for would-be-opportunistic criminals. It can make features more defined on CCTV and provides a risk to them that most often will prevent them from intruding on a property.

If bulbs break or connections to motion detectors fail, your property could become more of a target. Similarly, when the weather is unpredictable, lighting may be blown out of line. You can always make adjustments to maximise their effectiveness by changing their positioning.

Regularly checking up on your security lighting can help to deter criminals from damaging or breaking into your property.

Examine your CCTV cameras

If you have CCTV cameras installed as part of your security system you should try to examine them daily. If positioning has changed, make sure that you move them back. CCTV cameras are also often the target for vandalism. Make sure you check the lens of the cameras to ensure that there are no obstructions. If there are obstructions, be sure to clean the lens or brush the obstruction away. Be careful not to adjust the positioning of your cameras whilst you’re at it!

Furthermore, you should check your monitoring system, whether it’s on your smartphone or attached to a desktop. Checking the monitoring system will ensure that you catch anything that looks suspicious!

Book an Annual Check Up

Whilst maintaining your security system Colchester yourself will help extend its life, you wouldn’t perform your own MOT. It’s always advisable to book a yearly check up. A qualified technician can help to ensure further that everything stays running optimally for years to come.

Our team is fully qualified to inspect and check all components within your system. This includes your wiring, power and sensors. We can even replace anything that may be damaged. Annual check ups will help to reduce expensive costs by regularly checking on your system, this helps to catch any issues as soon as possible.

We have also incorporated a Remote Monthly Health Check on all of our domestic Intruder Alarm Systems and a Weekly Check on all of our commercial systems.


Security systems Colchester help to keep you, your family, your business and assets safe. It won’t do all the work on your behalf and you need to ensure that maintenance is always a part of your plan. Diligence is key, staying in touch with your security system provider means that you always have someone to speak to if you are concerned about your system.

If you have any questions or concerns, Lenz Security’s team of professional and friendly security system installers are always on hand to help. Simply get in touch.