We consider ourselves to be the most professional security system installer Colchester has to offer. From home security to schools and commercial property, we’re out and about putting systems and safety measures in place to protect against those who have no reason to be on or inside your premises.

Installing a camera to monitor or record a certain area of your property can either help deter a criminal or record a crime involving your premises. But there’s far more to creating a secure environment for your premises. Grab a cuppa, sit back, and let Lenz Security talk you through it!

Access Door Security System Installer Colchester

Lenz Security is the most professional security system installer Colchester has available. But what does that mean?

Ultimately this means that our professional team finds solutions to protect what’s inside the premises and keep out anything that shouldn’t be there. In a nutshell, we look at potential areas for concern so that we can address them in our solution. From access to control to infrared scanners, we’re looking at the best overall system for you. 

So when it comes to looking at your security as a whole, apart from adding CCTV and recording footage, what are the other ways to secure your premises?


So when we think of CCTV, many often think about where is the best place to put the camera. Whilst that is correct, it’s also very important to consider how much light will be in the camera’s focus. We wouldn’t want to rely on the camera for footage and find out that it couldn’t see what it needed to! So when you think about the placement of the camera it’s very important to think about the lightning in the camera’s focus. 



Not all CCTV cameras come with audio recording so it’s important to consider the need for audio on a case by case basis as this can affect the cost.  Having audio to support your CCTV is another strong way to identify an individual who may be where they shouldn’t be, so it’s heavily suggested…but there are cases where it may not be as important – if you were filming from a distance for example. 


Glass Break Detectors

As most burglars tend to enter a building via a broken window (or using the broken window to open a door from inside), it’s truly important to sound the alarm at the earliest point of intrusion to deter the burglar and alert authorities. Glass Break Detectors use the frequency of sound that broken glass makes.


Door or Window Detectors

Doors are made for one thing, to give you easy access to a building. So it’s so important to have Door and Window Detectors as you wouldn’t want intruders having easy access to your building! With detectors in place, the opening of a window or door will trigger your alarm, hopefully forcing your intruder to leave!


Motion Sensors and Alarms

Still as effective as when they first came out all those years ago back in the 1940s, but a good old fashioned alarm system that’s triggered by motion sensors is hugely beneficial. Imagine missing this legend of the security world from the list!


Access control

Used mainly for office buildings but also in private residential properties too. Whether you want to control who has access to certain areas and rooms within your premises or simply want your own private space, access control is a great way to secure buildings.


Fire alarms

It is imperative that you have an up to date and regularly tested fire alarm system in your home or business premises. Without being too dramatic it truly is life or death. Our July blog gives more information on our Fire Alarm Installation service. 


As you can see, there are lots of important measures to consider when you are looking to improve the security of your premises. If after reading this blog, you’d like to discuss using the best Security System Installer Colchester has to offer, please feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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