The majority of burglaries take place between November and January in Essex. With days getting shorter, there’s a lot more time for illegal activities under the cover of night. We’re a few days away from the start of December and the official countdown to Christmas. It’s an exciting time (unless you’re the Grinch), but it’s also a time to be vigilant as opportunistic criminals are on the lookout for loot. As a professional security system installer, I am here to offer advice on securing your home this Winter.

Top home security tips from a professional security system installer

Some of us like to go on holiday in Winter, some of us like to spend time with our family and friends. No matter what you’re doing over this Winter period, you should take extra care to secure your home. Here are some of my handy tips to help.

1. Find a CCTV installer

CCTV systems are one of the best deterrents around when it comes to putting off burglars because:

  • it increases the chance of identifying offenders;
  • it aids with collecting evidence;
  • smart home security systems make it easier to notify police while a crime is in progress and thus catching the offender red-handed.

As a professional CCTV installer I have the knowledge and experience to place CCTV around your home in an effective way so that we avoid blind spots. It is also useful to install CCTV at a high enough point so that no one can tamper with it in any way.

Should you be in need of a new CCTV system, my team and I are available to come to you and provide FREE no obligation quote. We tailor all our systems to meet your needs and budget so don’t delay, contact us today.

2. Set your Burglar Alarm

This may sound like I’m teaching you to suck eggs, but making sure you set your burglar alarm EVERY time you leave the house is SO important. Last year we wrote up about The Importance of Burglar Alarms for both home and business.

Burglar alarms are another extremely effective deterrent. The nature of an alarm is to alert any one within proximity of unauthorised access. At Lenz, our smart security systems also send notifications to your smart device (if connected to WiFi). This allows you to alert the necessary authorities as soon as possible.

3. Lock your windows and doors

It’s easy to forget things when the kids are playing up and you’re just trying to get out of the door on time. If you forget to lock your windows or doors, you’re likely to lose out on any insurance coverage so, take extra care to ensure your home is locked up tight.

4. Automate your home

Home automation is a great way to make it look like someone’s home when they’re not. But, don’t fall into the trap of automating certain things at the exact same time every day. There are few human beings out there that turn their lights on and off at exactly the same time every day. Mixing it up with your home automation can make it look more authentic.

When automating your home you should also take care to ensure that any valuables are out of sight. If you can’t automate your curtains, you could be letting the whole neighbourhood know what you’ve got lying around.

5. Lock away your valuables

Are you leaving your home for an extended period of time? If so, you should consider installing a safe in your home to protect valuable belongings.

No matter how secure your home is, you’re not a bank, and if a criminal is determined enough they will gain access to your home. It’s your job to make it as difficult as possible for them to get what they came for. Thinking like this reminds me of home alone, the good old Christmas classic. But, I’m certainly not advising you to leave broken baubles lying around your home!

I am a professional safe installer and can advise you on what safe would be suitable for you depending on your belongings and available space. I can also assist with training you to use it on a daily basis.

6. Use Local Security System Installers

As a local security system installer myself, I secure my customers homes as if they were my own. Using a local security installer is more personal and we’re always available to help if you get stuck. Here at Lenz Security our support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Be vigilant over winter when the crime rate is high. The last thing anyone wants is to be left with nothing to offer their family and friends. Christmas isn’t all about presents but it would be devastating to come home and find the fruits of your hard earned labour to be gone.

If you are in need of further help and advice, please take us up on our free, no obligation quote service. Take the time to look at our fantastic reviews on Google and get in touch.