The Brief:

The Salvation Army’s Colchester Citadel is an instantly recognisable building for Colchester’s residents, both because of its location at the busy junction of Butt Road and Southway, but also for its unique glass features. So when they approached us regarding intruder alarm installation, we arrived on site within an hour to provide a quote. The building itself underwent a huge renovation back in 2012 and now contains modern audio and visual equipment to help in the building’s use as a worship hall and community centre. With such valuable equipment housed within the building, the client wisely decided that professional intruder alarm installation was required to safeguard the premises. They wanted to find the most reliable and trustworthy intruder alarm installation company in Colchester, so after a quick Google search for the best installers of a security alarm Colchester has to offer, they contacted our team. After listening to the client’s reasons for intruder alarm installation, and after inspecting the premises, we were able to leave a detailed quote that would meet the client’s brief perfectly.


The Solution:

Although primarily a worship centre, The Salvation Army is instrumental in helping both the homeless and struggling families within the Colchester area, so we knew that this intruder alarm installation project had to protect the building and its contents at all times. After considering the best option we decided to install the Texecom Elite series, which is ideal for intruder alarm installations of this type. The Texecom Elite series is easily customisable to suit a user’s exact needs and has advanced motion sensor technology that can be switched on and off in certain areas whenever required. The App is very easy to use for users, and the entire system can be monitored remotely from a user’s smartphone or tablet device. Once we had decided on the best alarm system to use for this project, our intruder alarm installation team got to work. 


The Outcome:

After successfully completing the intruder alarm installation at the Butt Rd Colchester Citadel site, the client was so happy that they asked us to repeat the same installation at their two Ipswich Rd sites in Colchester, Mount Zion Hall and Mount Zion Hut. Across the three sites, we utilised a combination of door/window contacts and shock/vibration detectors to detect intrusion and offer confirmation of an intrusion by means of a PIR motion detector in each designated area. When an intrusion is detected a DualPath signalling device will send an instantaneous notification to the client’s App, detailing the site it is relevant to and which device has been triggered. The client then has the ability to stop the alarm remotely if they believe it to be a false alarm (however, we should state that we never recommend this, every alarm should be checked). Once triggered, the external alarm emits a siren at 109db which is loud enough to draw immediate attention to the building, notify neighbours and deter potential intruders. 

Overall the client, whose name is Luis, was ecstatic with the outcome of the intruder alarm installation, as well as our excellent customer service and overall quick and responsive support at all times. 

Luis had this to say “Definitely better security, excellent customer service and reliability compared to previous experiences, Lenz Security are very quick to answer questions or provide support. We were very happy with the services provided. We highly recommend Lenz Security!”

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Intruder alarm installation at Salvation Army building