With COVID-19 affecting everyone for nearly 2 years now, thousands of businesses have failed as a direct result of this awful virus. So now is not the time to be taking risks with your business, or your home! When it comes to security, Colchester is one of the fastest-growing districts in the country, however by that token it also registered 9 burglaries just in July alone, so commercial and domestic security needs to be taken seriously!

With most homeowners and businesses waiting for their security to be physically breached before taking action, why not preempt any security breach by taking action now? Instead of trying to lessening the blow after the horse has already bolted, why not execute a detailed risk assessment on your home or business to prevent the worst-case scenarios from happening? Let’s take responsibility with Lenz Security Colchester!

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A detailed risk assessment should include the following:

Health and Safety

Any good risk assessment always starts with health and safety, this is where you should be going over and checking to see if the correct procedures are in place within your home or business. If this isn’t the case then you should consider implementing them so your health and safety needs are met.

This is more prominent than ever now due to the current climate, the importance of health and safety is at an all-time high. This means making sure you have the correct and sufficient cleaning products which will allow you to keep your friends, family, or staff virus-free. Then when it comes to health and safety within the workplace you should make sure everyone is aware of the drills in place in case of an emergency, and you should also be identifying any work-based hazards.

Fire Risk

This is a must for any risk assessment regardless if you are assessing the home or your business. Within the home, you should be making sure that the batteries in your alarm are always fully operational so that in case of an emergency they are there ready to step in and notify you that a fire is breaking out.

When it comes to fire risk within your business there is a little more to think about. Any business or company that employs more than 5 employees is required to keep written evidence of all recent fire risk assessments by law. This is something that needs to be done by a third-party professional, fire risk assessments should be a top priority for you and your business and should be kept on top of.

Lenz Security Colchester is up-to-date and qualified when it comes to fire alarm installation, so if you have any questions please be sure to check out our contact us page.

Security Risk

Now, this is our time to shine, we are Lenz Security Colchester after all! Any home or business is always at risk of crime, however, this will vary based on the location of the property/residence, also when it comes to completing a security risk assessment as a business you should consider the factor of what service or product your business offers. For example, a high-end jeweler is more likely to be broken into than a small coffee shop. However, by no stretch of the imagination should the coffee shop not assess its security to its full potential! It is as important to make sure all aspects are met, and if that isn’t the case then this should be acted upon accordingly!

All security risk assessments should contain:


Assess threats and vulnerabilities – This is step number one, this is where you have to identify and evaluate which risks are more likely and least likely to take place and put them in an order of urgency. This doesn’t mean you should be more lackadaisical of the less likely areas of your assessment, just because it might not happen, you should be prepared for any forthcoming.

Review site security measures – Examine your home or workplace, this could be anything from a 2 bed detached by the sea, all the way to a 1000sqft warehouse in the city, and not only do you need to take into account your property or premises but also the neighboring buildings. A true assessment should distinguish any potential areas that may require fixing or correcting, this could be a door that no longer locks properly or a little gap in the window, small fixes like that might not seem like a big issue however take it from us, it is!

Review operating procedures – This is more aimed at business owners, It is about identifying if you have any procedures in place and how effective are they, is there any form of checks in place for those entering the building once it has closed, and have those been briefed with enough training to perform there role to the best of their ability.

One of the most important things to remember is that there need to be procedures in place for “emergencies”. This could be anything from a robbery or fire all the way to extreme cases like terrorism or bomb threats.

Check your security systems  –  And finally, your actual security system itself! Is your system up to date? Is it still working? What about blind spots? Is an extra security system required to cover those? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself to make sure you’re staying on top of your security system and that it is giving you the protection you deserve.

Lenz Security Colchester can meet all your security needs so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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