Do you need to install a new alarm system? Or perhaps you need to update an existing alarm system? If you live in Colchester, Chelmsford or the surrounding area then it will be worth taking time to look at why you should have an up to date alarm system to protect your property.


You would be surprised to learn just how many homeowners fail to ensure they have a secure home alarm system. Which is great news if you are a burglar, as without this protection it makes break-ins much easier. It is a proven statistic that without a secure home alarm system the chances of a break in at your property rises dramatically.

Government statistics on domestic burglaries

Before we go into the benefits of having an up to date secure alarm system we will look at the official government statistics on domestic burglary, which you can also find here


The estimated recorded number of domestic burglary incidents in England and Wales rose significantly throughout the 1980’s. Incidents continued to grow until a peak in 1993 with 2,445,000 incidents recorded for that year. There was then a steep fall from 1993 – 2005, with 2005 seeing 1,057,000 domestic burglary incidents recorded. Between the years 2005 to 2011 this figure stayed pretty much the same with around 1,000,000 recorded each year.


However, there has been another significant decrease from 2011-2017, with 2017 recording 650,000 incidents of domestic burglary.


We have highlighted this is to demonstrate how the growth of the home security industry has impacted the amount of domestic break-ins. There are now nearly 75% less recorded incidents of domestic burglary than there were in 1993. Which, as mentioned above, peaked at nearly 2,500,000 incidents in that year. It really cannot be stated enough that by having a secure home alarm system you dramatically improve your chances of not having your property broken into.

We will now take a look at all of the benefits of installing or updating a secure home alarm system on your property.