Specialists in domestic CCTV installation, Colchester based Lenz Security, are here to offer you advice on how to keep your home and valuables safe this Christmas!!


The Christmas season is the busiest period of the entire year. Jewellry, the latest electronic gadgets, phones, computer consoles and games, and all other manner of high-value items fly from the shelves and make their way into our homes, as we buy presents for loved ones. Whilst this the season of goodwill to all men, unfortunately there are some who see this time of year as the perfect time to break into your home and steal the above items for themselves.


Even though we normally talk about how to protect your property with more electronic based home security measures, such as CCTV installation, Colchester based Lenz Security have some other top tips to protect your home and valuables this Christmas!

Protect your home for Xmas. CCTV Installation Colchester, Lenz Security

Keep your home secure!


This might sound obvious, but most burglars are opportunistic. They look for obvious weak spots, such as windows that have been left slightly ajar, or even more obviously, doors that have been left unlocked (you would be surprised how often this still happens!). At this time of year many of you may have external festive lighting on your property, which may require electricity. Would-be thieves are aware that not all properties with external lighting have external electrical outlets. Some still rely on feeding extension cables through slightly opened windows, which offers easy entry into the property. We advise you to keep your doors and windows secure at all times, whether you are on the property or not.


Don’t make it easy!


Many people still hide a spare key for emergencies somewhere either close to their front door, or somewhere in the garden. Burglars know that people do this, and will look for a hidden key under doormats, under flowerpots, etc. We advise you not to leave a key anywhere outside of your property if possible. It is a much safer way to leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or family member.


Stop advertising goods!


Christmas day has finally arrived and you and your loved ones have now opened your presents. What do you do with all of the packaging? Put it in the recycling bin outside? Whilst normally this would be fine, at Christmas burglars can easily see what high-value items are in your home just by looking at the boxes etc you have left for the binmen. Which in turn makes your home a more attractive target for burglars. We advise you to wait until the morning of the collection to put the leftover packaging from Christmas presents outside. We also advise you to keep all curtains, blinds and drapes fully closed at night. As with the above, if burglars can see high-value easy to transport items they are much more likely to attempt a break-in.


Secure your exterior buildings such as sheds and garages!


Your exterior buildings are perhaps even more vulnerable to unwanted access than your actual home. To a burglar, your outbuildings can seem a more attractive proposition as they rarely have the same electronic security as your actual home, and are often filled with easy to steal items such as tools and bikes. We advise you to secure these areas as much as possible. You may be able to secure your garage with an alarm system. This may not feasible for structures such as sheds, so it may be worth considering more electronic security measures for your exterior property, such as motion-sensing lighting, or CCTV. For CCTV installation, Colchester based Lenz Security has solutions to suit any type of property. We also advise that you do not leave any items such as tools or ladders lying around in the garden or other exterior areas, that could be used to gain access to your home.


Home Alarm Systems & CCTV Installation, Colchester, Chelmsford & surrounding areas!


Finally, we advise that the best way to protect your home against unwanted access this Christmas is to install an up to date home security alarm system along with external CCTV. Lenz Security can offer advice on which systems would best suit your property. Get in touch with the team today to speak to a member of the team. Alternatively, feel free to visit our Facebook page for up to date news, reviews, and photos of recent projects.