When it comes to keeping your property safe with a home alarm and CCTV systems, Colchester based Lenz Security knows a thing or two.


We know that when people think of keeping their property safe, they automatically think of just the home itself. But what about the exterior areas of your property? Garages, summer houses, and sheds will often also hold valuable items, and these areas should not be overlooked when it comes to fully protecting your property.


This is especially true during the lockdown. Whilst home break-ins during lockdown have decreased, due to more people being at home and therefore putting off would-be intruders, there has been a rise in break-ins of garages and other outbuildings. These areas are much more attractive to a would-be thief, as they are often unalarmed and in areas that it is easier to remain unseen (especially at night).


And although you probably don’t keep your more high-end valuables in these areas, they may still contain items that are exactly what a thief is looking for, items that are light enough to carry and resell. So while your tv and jewelery might be safe, your tools, lawnmower, and bikes may not be.

Protect your garage | CCTV Systems Colchester

There are ways to ensure these exterior areas are as protected as your home, and as experts in home alarm and CCTV systems, Colchester based Lenz Security has a few tips on how to keep your lawnmower from ending up in the local pawn shop!


Don’t make it easy!


It’s not a particularly nice thought, but put yourself in the shoes of a potential thief. There is nothing a thief likes better than an easy quick fix, so make sure you don’t make it easy for them. Look at your property and see where potential easy access points to your garden are. Buy up-to-date, strong padlocks for any garden access gates, as well as for any sheds or other outbuildings. Make sure these padlocks are locked at all times. Similarly, ensure your garage is always locked. This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many people either forget or neglect to secure these areas. Don’t make it easy for a thief by allowing easy access to your garden and an unlocked door to your outbuildings.


Install an alarm system/CCTV


A visible alarm system in your garage or other outbuilding is an automatic red flag to any thief. They prefer easy pickings, and a fully alarmed garage or shed is a huge deterrent. And should the worst happen, and someone still attempts to break-in, you will know immediately and will be able to alert the authorities. Similarly, by having visible CCTV covering these exposed areas you can be sure a thief will think twice before attempting any break-in.


Install exterior lighting


When people install exterior lighting, they will often have the light shine on the home itself, covering the front or back doors. Whilst this is the right thing to do, it will leave the rest of your property in the dark, making it easy for a thief to hide. We suggest installing sensor lighting pointing directly at any garage or outbuilding you wish to protect as well as lighting by your front and back doors. After all, what thief wants to work in bright light?


Post theft prevention


It may be that you take all of these measures and someone still manages to break in and steal something. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to 100% safeguard your property from a determined thief. If the worst should happen and items are taken, there still could be a chance of recovery. A thief steals items to sell, and obvious places to sell to are second-hand shops and pawn shops. Whilst these types of places try their best not to accept stolen goods, it is easy for a thief to pass off an item as their own. We suggest recording the serial numbers of your more valuable items, as well as keeping the receipts of purchase. That way, if you do happen to come across an item for sale that you believe is yours you will be able to prove it by providing these. If you can prove the item was yours, and as long as you have reported the crime to the police and have a crime reference number, you will be able to reclaim your stolen item.



We advise that you take all of the above measures to secure your garage or outbuilding. Don’t make it easy for thieves! When it comes to protecting your garage or outbuildings with alarms or CCTV systems, Colchester based Lenz Security will have the perfect solution. For more information on our CCTV Systems , please contact us here. Alternatively, please feel free to visit our Facebook page for up to date news, reviews, and images of our recent work.