Thinking about installing the best home security systems Colchester has to offer, but still on the edge? Here are all the reasons you should take the plunge as soon as possible!


How has home security changed crime?

Having security in place to protect your home and loved ones is highly important. Not only does it act as a deterrent to criminals, help protect your property and aid police investigations, but also provides peace of mind.

Home security has drastically changed the way we protect ourselves from crime. Here’s a quick deep dive into how effective home security systems are, and all the statistics to back it up!


Why should I protect myself against crime?

In the past year in England and Wales, there were a shocking 191,490 reported home burglaries. That’s 525 break-ins happening every single day, which means a house is getting robbed approximately every 165 seconds.

These numbers are a shocking reminder of the importance of levelling up your home security. There’s no telling who might be the next target.

With these statistics rising every year, investing in good security systems like CCTV and alarms can keep your family and belongings safe. Lenz Security offers the best home security systems Colchester can offer to give you peace of mind.

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Our local area

In the year ending in March 2023, Essex faced 4,973 residential burglaries – that’s about 14 incidents each day in our local area.

Here at Lenz Security, we believe everybody should have access to feeling safe and secure in their own home. That’s why we work hard to provide as many people as possible with the best home security systems Colchester can offer.

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Person breaking into a door

Why is having the best home security systems Colchester can offer important?

The best home security systems Colchester can offer can significantly enhance your property’s safety.

CCTV and other security measures act as amazing deterrents to those wishing to invade your home. When there’s an increased risk of getting caught, criminals are more likely to choose another target. The more security systems you have in place, the more risky burgling your home becomes.

Studies have shown that 60% of burglars opt for alternative targets when faced with alarms or cameras. A very low 13% would carry on with the crime.

By investing in a dependable security system, like the best CCTV Colchester can offer from Lenz Security, you can effectively safeguard your home and loved ones, creating an added layer of protection and peace of mind.


How can the best home security systems Colchester can offer help you?


The best CCTV Colchester can offer

CCTV is crucial for ensuring the safety of your home. 40% of residential burglaries occur between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Having surveillance in place during the day can provide much-needed peace of mind while you’re at work, running errands and enjoying life outside of your home.

60% of all break-ins happen during the evening or late at night, from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. It’s just as important to have a reliable CCTV system in place to guard your home while you sleep soundly.

But not just any old CCTV system will provide the same protection as the best CCTV Colchester can offer from Lenz Security. While doorbell cameras have gained popularity in the last few years, they can be easily disarmed, as recent reports suggest burglars use duct tape to cover them up.

With Lenz Security’s professional CCTV systems, you get unparalleled protection. Our expert installation services ensure that your system is visible, hard to tamper with, and captures every corner of your property effectively.

Our robust technology can handle any interference effortlessly, whether it’s weather-related or somebody trying to mess with your camera. We guarantee clear images around the clock, so that you’re always protected.

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Security alarms

With 70% of burglaries happening through doors and 30% through windows, it’s crucial to stay informed if somebody is entering from either point. Our burglar alarms do just that for you.

Here at Lenz Security, we offer top-notch smart burglar alarm systems, elevating your security to the next level. Our advanced alarms are designed to quickly detect and discourage potential threats, instantly notifying you of any unauthorised access. Opt for our monitored systems and emergency services can be contacted if we can’t reach you! (additional charges may apply).

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CCTV installation from the best home security systems Colchester can offer providers


Choose the best home security systems Colchester can offer from Lenz Security

Unfortunately, only 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries, leaving many without closure on their home intrusions. It’s crucial to fortify your home to minimise the likelihood of becoming a statistic.

With the best home security systems Colchester can offer from Lenz Security, you can be confident that your home is thoroughly protected. From burglar alarms, and access control systems, to the best CCTV Colchester can offer, we have a whole range of security measures to keep you secure and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in your home’s security today with the best home security systems Colchester can offer from Lenz Security!

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