Why do I need the highest quality Fire Detection Colchester can provide?

With summer just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone about some common fire safety tips. Below are some common fire hazards during the warmer months and some ways that fire alarm systems may be helpful for each hazard. As you will come to see, when it comes to fire detection Colchester residents cannot be too careful. 

1. Candles

There’s nothing like a lovely summer evening, surrounded by candlelight and a glass of wine outdoors. As pleasant as this may be, it’s important to consider and prevent certain hazards. Knocking over a wine glass is relatively common and it is just as likely that you might knock over a candle. These scenarios may be similar in likelihood but they differ significantly in outcome.

Knocking over an open flame can have harmful consequences. Lots of outdoor furniture is made using highly flammable materials which can make accidents like this very dangerous. This is why it is important to keep open flames a safe distance away from flammable materials and to have up to date fire alarm systems.

Find out more about the high quality fire detection Colchester based Lenz Security provides by contacting our team.

Candle fire hazard and fire detection Colchester

2. Glass decorations

Glass Decorations are a beautiful addition to any household. But these unique decorations pose an equally unique risk. The refraction of glass is a phenomenon that can be incredibly helpful and beautiful – it’s what makes those lovely rainbows and is how eyeglasses work. But, because of the light concentrating beams onto certain areas, it can pose a unique fire risk. Imagine a magnifying glass, and your flammable surfaces are an ant.

This is an especially dangerous fire hazard as it may occur when nobody is present or aware. This is an example of when the high quality fire detection Colchester provides is vital. For more information about fire alarm installation, see the other services we offer.

3. BBQ’s + outdoor fires

When it comes to outdoor fires and BBQ’s it’s safe to say most people are aware of there being a potential fire hazard. However, it is important to remember your fire safety when working with open flames (even if they are outdoors).

And even the safest and most responsible homeowners can find themselves in a hazardous situation out of their control. That is why it is important to always be well equipped for the worst case scenario. Our top of the range fire alarms provide you with the highest level of fire detection Colchester can provide.

4. Cigarettes

One of the most common and hazardous fire risks is cigarettes. With many people engaging in outdoor activities, it follows that smoking at these events will take place. It is crucial that all cigarette ends are fully extinguished. Leaving burning cigarette ends on the floor is quite common and unexpectedly dangerous during the summer months. Dry grass is more flammable than you may think (this is also one of the reasons BBQ’s and outdoor fires are so dangerous).

These kinds of fires are not necessarily evident immediately, and precautions often rely on others’ fire safety practices. Subsequently, high quality systems for fire detection Colchester offers are of great importance.

5. Overheating devices left in the sun

Overheating devices and electric fires are the most common cause of fires all year round, but this risk increases in summer due to the increased likelihood of overheating. Leaving devices in the sun reduces the device’s capacity to cool itself down as it is being heated by an outside source. You can help avoid this by ensuring that your devices and electrical appliances are not left directly in the sun.

But, as previously stated, device and electrical fires are still incredibly common. And they may occur at any time of the year regardless of where you keep them. This is why it is vital to have up to date and top of the line systems in fire detection Colchester offers.

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