As an expert fire alarm installer, Colchester’s Lenz Security has heard many awful stories over the years from those who risked everything by not having an up to date fire alarm in their home or business. And then the worst happened. We may live in an age where fires are less common, but never make the mistake of thinking this makes them any less devastating and lethal when they do occur.

A fire truly is one of the deadliest and costliest dangers to any homeowner or a business owner. Once a fire takes hold, it is very difficult to control the blaze without widespread destruction and in the worst scenario, even loss of life. And specialist fire alarm installer, Colchester’s Lenz Security, knows only too well how easy it is for fires to start. The best chance of early detection, and therefore a better chance of stopping the fire before it is too late, is by ensuring your home or business is protected by an up to date, quality fire alarm system. In fact, if you are the owner of a business you are responsible for the fire safety of all of your employees and customers. You can read more about this by visiting the UK fire alarm regulations here.

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Main causes of fires

 There are many causes of fires, some of which are completely avoidable, whilst others can be less easy to spot in advance. It may be hard to believe, but general carelessness is one of the main causes of fires. Improperly disposing of cigarette butts or other smoking materials can easily ignite flammable materials, such as curtains and carpets. Also, unattended items such as candles can cause other materials to set alight, and objects like matches, lighters and even deodorant cans can ignite if left in direct sunlight. One of the main causes of fires at home or at work is during cooking. Overheated oils or cooking utensils can easily start smouldering, leading to flames. Any of these scenarios could potentially start a small fire, which could turn into an inferno within minutes.

Other causes of fires include faulty electrical equipment, faulty wiring or even faulty heating equipment. Ensuring all of your electrical appliances, wiring and heating equipment are tested for faults regularly is a great way of preventing sparks and fires.

But if the worst should happen and a fire does start then a quality, up to date and regularly tested fire alarm system is your best chance of minimising the damage whilst alerting the authorities immediately. Experienced fire alarm installer, Colchester based Lenz Security, offer a range of quality fire detection systems that are designed to detect smoke or fire immediately. Here are some of the reasons why it is extremely important to have an up to date fire alarm system.

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Earliest possible detection

It goes without saying that the quicker you know there is a fire, or potential fire, the quicker you can react. Early detection not only gives you time to maybe tackle the fire yourself (if feasible) but if not then it will give you precious minutes to get yourself and anyone else safely out of the building.

Rapid response time by authorities

Expert fire alarm installer, Colchester’s Lenz Security, again says the key to salvaging as much as possible in the event of a fire is by having a regularly tested, quality fire alarm. The quicker the local fire brigade is notified, the quicker they can respond. And the quicker they can arrive at a scene of a fire, the better chance they have of containing and extinguishing the fire.

Preventing death through suffocation

One of the main causes of loss of life from fires is suffocation from breathing in smoke. Often, and scarily, this most often happens whilst the person is asleep. A quality fire detection system is invaluable in these situations, as you will be woken by the alarm as soon as it senses abnormal smoke levels, giving you time to either tackle the fire or safely remove yourself and others from the building.


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So as you can see, it is imperative that you have an up to date and regularly tested fire alarm system in your home or business premises. Specialist fire alarm installer, Colchester based Lenz Security, have a wide range of quality options that would suit any domestic and commercial building. They can even add Smart-Connected smoke alarms to one of their intruder alarm systems so you don’t always need to have a fully-fledged fire alarm for your home to keep you safe, these can even alert you when you are not at home through your mobile! In fact, Lenz Security can connect almost any traditional fire alarm system to a Smart Intruder Alarm for notification, even when you are not there. As an experienced CCTV installer, Colchester’s Lenz Security is also an expert in CCTV installation Colchester, so whether you are looking for a quality fire alarm installer Colchester or a quality CCTV installer Colchester, they are the team to contact! You can get in touch with Lenz Security by visiting our contact us page.

Remember, installing a quality, up to date fire alarm system is the best thing you can do for your family and home. And the best thing for your home deserves the best in the business, so make sure you contact expert fire alarm installer, Colchester’s Lenz Security for all of your fire alarm requirements.