Christmas is just around the corner. It’s the time of year that most of us get to shut off and spend time with our loved ones. This is an essential time to keep on top of security. If you are shutting your business down for Christmas, we have created a handy commercial security checklist for you. By working through these tips over the days leading up to Christmas you’ll be getting ahead of your commercial security right on time.


1. CCTV Installation is your best friend.

CCTV installation is one of the biggest deterrents for burglars. This is because the likelihood of getting caught significantly rises with CCTV around. We place CCTV in and around your property to minimise blind spots and the risk to your property and assets.

Not only this, if you’re not going to be around, you can always check your systems from your smartphone. Simply connect to the internet and you’ll be alerted of any suspicious movement at the property. This can make way for quick and efficient responses from emergency services should someone try to rob you!

Have you ever checked back over your night time CCTV quality? You may not ever have needed too. If you haven’t it’s certainly worth a check to ensure that if any opportunist does try anything that the quality would be good enough to catch them.

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2. Treat yourself to a Security Alarm.

Criminals know that Christmas is a good time to strike. While everyone tucks up inside with their families and friends, the streets are quiet. This makes for ideal conditions for a burglar. But, if your security alarm is triggered for any reason, you would get a notification to your device and it will alert locals with the loud noise.

If you already have a security alarm installed at your business property, make sure it’s up to scratch. Just like a car or bike, alarms need maintenance. Give it a test and make sure everything works a’okay.

As with most businesses, people come and go over the years. Do you have a strict list of who has access to your system? If you don’t change your codes and set this up. You don’t want a dis-gruntled ex-employee handing out your alarm codes to anyone.

3. Good Security Lighting is worth every penny!

Most business premises have security lighting installed already. But, just because it’s there, doesn’t mean that it’s up to date or working correctly.

Adding motion sensors to the mix are an even better deterrent because they make it so obvious that someone’s around. Good security lighting boosts the quality of CCTV. Or, you could even look at cameras with infra-red tech. This will capture criminal movements even under the cover of darkness.

4. Add Access Control to your Commercial Security

Access control does exactly what is says on the tin. It controls who has access to your property. It can even limit access to certain areas of your property. Christmas is one hell of a busy time of year. Does your business revolve around deliveries? Restricting access is a great way to ensure that no unfamiliar bods get into your building unnoticed.

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5. Who’s responsible for locking up?

Leaving this decision to the last day leaves the risk of your building being left wide open to burglars. If you’re a small 1 or 2 person business, likelihood is that you’ll be locking up together or it’ll be whoever’s left.

If however, you have employees that work for you that might be in the premises alone, make a plan to have more staff on the day that you’re due to lock up.

6. Check in with key holders

Do you have a list of everyone that has a key to your premises? If you do, run through your plan in advance of locking up for Christmas. Don’t assume that everyone will be available, make sure you check that they aren’t on holiday. If they are, find a suitable replacement.

It might also be worth passing this responsibility onto a private security company. This can mean that you and all your staff can relax over the Christmas period.

7. Check your social media

Social media is something we always refer to at Lenz Security. This is because it’s an easy way for criminal to assess how active you are at your business.

If you’re leaving town or the country for the holidays, DO NOT shout about it on your public business page. If you do, you’re leaving yourself wide open to those opportunistic criminals.

8. Does your insurance cover you?

Insurance companies are well known for scrutinising the details when it comes to a claim. They are always careful about paying out large sums of money and you don’t want to be left in the lurch.

It’s well worth checking over your policy to ensure that you meet all the criteria. Do this before you leave for Christmas so you’ve got a chance to fix any issues. If the worst should happen, at least you won’t lose your livelihood forever.

9. Cancel regular delivery slots

If you’re a business that accepts regular deliveries, make sure you cancel any that aren’t needed. The pile up of goods and post is a dead giveaway that no-one’s been around at the property for a while.

This could make for an attractive opportunity to burgle your business. Simply re-arrange the deliveries for when everyone is back to work. If that’s not possible, arrange for someone to collect the delivery and unpack it.

Leaving unopened deliveries outside of your business premises is a BIG red flag.

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Take care over Christmas and be vigilant. Commercial security should be at the forefront for any business owner. Our businesses are not only our livelihoods, but the livelihoods of our employees.

It is our responsibility as owners to ensure we do everything in our power to keep our employees, assets and business as secure as possible. At Lenz Security we are proud to cover Colchester, Chelmsford, the whole of Essex, London and more.

If you’re worried about commercial security over Christmas, we are here to help. We offer a FREE no obligation quotation service. What have you got to lose?