We all know CCTV can capture and record – but did you know it can affect behaviour? As the best providers of commercial CCTV Colchester can offer, we at Lenz Security know this to be true.

That’s right, CCTV can influence behaviour in various settings, whether at home, at the office, or even at school – CCTV affects us wherever we are.

Lenz Security, the top provider of reliable commercial CCTV Colchester can offer you, knows all too well the powerful effects surveillance can have. By understanding these effects, you can gain a better understanding of the true value of CCTV and how it can benefit you.


The power of observation

One of the more notable and widely recognised effects of CCTV is the perception of being watched. When individuals are aware of the presence of surveillance cameras, it can instil a sense of accountability and self-awareness. The knowledge that their actions are being recorded influences people to act more cautiously and responsibly. If there’s a camera, you can bet most people will be on their best behaviour.

This heightened sense of self-awareness encourages people to act more responsibly – meaning people are less likely to litter, more likely to help others in need instead of turning a blind eye, and will be more aware of their surroundings and how they are treating others.

Photo of busy shopping centre monitored by commercial CCTV Colchester

The deterrent effect

Research has consistently shown that the visible presence of CCTV cameras leads to a decrease in crimes such as robbery, theft, vandalism, and assault. The fear of being identified and facing the potential consequences acts as a significant psychological deterrent for individuals contemplating illegal behaviour.

Spotting CCTV has the potential to off-put criminals and reduce the occurrence of criminal activities due to the chance of being recognised and identified – making it a powerful tool in deterring criminal behaviour. For the best commercial CCTV Colchester can offer simply contact our team.


Secure and protected

CCTV’s presence not only affects behaviour but can affect feeling.

Whether in public spaces or homes, the knowledge that surveillance systems are in place offers reassurance and peace of mind knowing they are not alone if danger was to arise.

This is especially true for home security. By monitoring key areas and entry points, homeowners can relax with the knowledge that their homes are under surveillance and are statistically 13% less likely to be targeted – overall putting people at ease and providing peace of mind that they are safe in their own homes.


Where can these behavioural effects of CCTV be put to use?


Commercial CCTV Colchester

Busy areas, such as shopping centres and city centres, are often magnets for crime. CCTV surveillance can play a huge role in monitoring and controlling these areas and cracking down on said crime.

By continuously monitoring these areas, CCTV systems can capture repeat offenders by providing valuable evidence for identifying and stopping further crimes.

Those thinking of engaging in criminal behaviours can often be discouraged once they know the likelihood of being identified is heightened. This also means a decrease in anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and public disturbances, as individuals are aware of the increased risk of being held accountable for their actions.

Photo of school children working on school work at table - monitored by commercial CCTV Colchester

Office areas

We all deserve to feel safe and secure while at work.

Here at Lenz Security, our CCTV systems provide an added layer of protection for your premises, employees, and customers. We all know CCTV can help in deterring crime, but it can also help to resolve disputes and investigate incidents when they do occur.

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School CCTV

Keeping students safe is vital, and school CCTV systems play a key role in preventing bullying, vandalism, and other unwanted behaviours.

When students are aware that they are being watched and can be identified, they tend to behave more responsibly.

By creating a sense of surveillance, school CCTV contributes to a safer and better learning environment. They act as a deterrent, encourage responsible behaviour, and provide evidence for addressing incidents when they occur. Our CCTV systems can help create a secure educational setting where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance security, provide peace of mind, keep people safe and secure or promote responsibility, CCTV has the power to influence behaviour and shape our actions – and there’s no better CCTV for the job than ours.

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