If you have ever wondered if you should install your own CCTV, or use professional CCTV installers, Chelmsford operating Lenz Security would always suggest going with the professionals. Call us biased, but there are some huge benefits to be gained by hiring a professional CCTV installer, as well as avoiding some of the pitfalls that could occur by installing CCTV yourself. We understand that it is tempting to take on an install yourself to save money, but by doing so it may end up costing you more in the long run.

In the not too distant past, people may have thought quality, domestic CCTV systems were only for the well off, or mostly for commercial properties. There was a consensus that a quality CCTV system was financially out of reach for most homeowners. But with the modern advancements in technology, CCTV systems are now much more affordable, which has led to a rise in the number of homes protected by CCTV. But the choice of whether to install your own CCTV or employ a professional to install it can be a tricky question. Many electronic shops and online retailers now sell CCTV systems at very low prices with the view that the buyer can install this equipment themselves. And with the vast amount of information available on the net, it is tempting to do it yourself!

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As experienced, professional CCTV installers, Chelmsford operating Lenz Security would like to offer advice on the reasons why we believe it is important to always hire a professional for your domestic CCTV installation.


DIY CCTV systems are more attractive to would-be intruders and vandals

Burglars are well adept at appraising whether a CCTV system has been professionally installed, or whether it is a DIY job. When installing yourself, you may well accidentally face cameras in the wrong position, or there may be some obstacle blocking the view of the camera from the area it is supposed to observe. And a seasoned burglar may reason that if the exterior security has been installed incorrectly, interior systems may also be suspect. Which makes a much more attractive proposition for a burglar when they are deciding whether to make an attempt at unwanted entry to your home. You also have to factor in the amount of fake cameras (that are sold at extremely low prices) that people have set up hoping this will put off would be intruders. Burglars are used to seeing these imitations and discarding them. This also applies to poorly installed CCTV, criminals may well ignore them. By using a professional CCTV installer, your CCTV systems will be clearly installed correctly, deterring any burglar from attempting to enter your property.


Offer a better chance of criminals being brought to justice

If you decide to install your own security systems, you may only think of covering entry points. The benefit of having an expert install your CCTV is that they will also consider the best angles to capture the full profiles of any criminal approaching your home. So should someone vandalise your property, attempt break in, or in the worst scenario, successfully enter your property, a professionally installed CCTV system is much more likely to capture the vital evidence the police will need to make a prosecution.


Legal ramifications

Did you know that when installing CCTV there are privacy laws that need considering? Legally, you are not allowed to record footage that could compromise the privacy of your neighbours. After all, how would you like it if your next door neighbour’s CCTV also included one of your windows? You would feel that was a serious breach of privacy on your neighbour’s part right? The same applies for your neighbours privacy. By hiring a professional installer, you guarantee that any footage from your cameras will only be of the areas you need monitoring, not accidentally catching your neighbours bedroom window!


Wasting your time

It may seem like a great money saving idea to install your own CCTV systems, but unless you have genuine experience in this field you will probably find you spend more in the long run. Let’s imagine you have bought decent CCTV equipment at a much better price than a professional install would cost. You now have to spend lots of time reading through instruction manuals to figure how to properly set up the equipment. There will be lots of trial and error. And if you do set the equipment up, the chances are high that there will be a problem further down the road, which could be a real security risk should your equipment not be working properly when you really need it. You will then inevitably have to pay an expert to re-install the equipment. So you have now wasted hours of your time and had to pay out eventually anyway. Employ a professional from the beginning and take all of the stress and uncertainty out of the equation, leaving you and your family properly secure, just as it should be.



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So as you can see, when it comes to the choice of installing CCTV equipment yourself or hiring a professional, there should only be one choice. Expert CCTV installers, Chelmsford and Colchester based Lenz Security have CCTV solutions for every budget, and will ensure your home has high quality, visible, fully functioning and professionally installed CCTV, keeping you and your family safe. Contact us today for a quote, or alternatively please visit our Facebook page for up to date news, reviews and images of recent work.