The best CCTV in Colchester can help you protect your property. And when paired with other security systems, such as the best window locks for your home (see more about different types of window locks in this informative blog from ABS), you can create a forcefield of security.

Ensuring the safety and security of our homes is a top priority for every homeowner – and here at Lenz Security, we’ve made it our life’s mission to provide the highest-quality security to all of our customers.

There are now numerous security systems available that provide an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones. As experts in all things security, here is our list of the top security systems that every homeowner should consider.

Remote CCTV in Colchester

CCTV in Colchester

CCTV systems have become increasingly popular for home security over the years and for good reason.

CCTV systems allow property owners to keep a watchful eye on their property at all times, day or night. This can not only act as a deterrent to opportunists but also help capture the convict by providing valuable evidence in the event of a crime.

When you choose the best CCTV in Colchester from Lenz Security, you can be sure you’re choosing a five-star, top-quality CCTV system with all the latest technology and advancements.

Not to mention our very talented CCTV installers will ensure your system is strategically placed to capture as much of your property as possible! Choose Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm system Colchester can offer – for all your CCTV needs!

Installing the best CCTV in Colchester offers numerous benefits. From enhancing your overall security by monitoring the premises and detecting any suspicious activities to providing peace of mind by giving property owners the ability to check on their property remotely via their phone, there’s no reason not to get the best CCTV in Colchester today! Click here to contact the team and learn more.


Security alarm system Colchester

Security alarm systems go with CCTV as peanut butter goes with jam. The pair work well together and can provide your home with an incredible force field of protection. That’s why the alarm system Colchester is high on our list.

Security alarm systems are designed to detect unwanted entry, triggering a loud siren and contacting a monitoring service to take immediate action. These systems act as a deterrent and a warning, alerting the property owners, neighbours, and the emergency services if necessary all at once.

The best security alarm system Colchester can offer from Lenz Security is a high-tech, advanced model with several advantages. From startling intruders and attracting attention in the event of a break-in to providing a reliable defence mechanism 24/7, our alarm system Colchester is the best in the area. We offer manned monitoring stations, watching out for your security and safety at all points. Team this up with our CCTV systems and you can create a deterrent that’s so big it can’t be ignored. Take a look at our security alarms

CCTV in Colchester

Access control systems

Access control systems work by, you guessed it, restricting access to your home!

These systems come in many different options and varieties and offer many different ways to access your home securely – from keypads, key cards, or scanner entry.

Here at Lenz Security – with the best CCTV in Colchester – we provide the most advanced and secure access control systems to ensure that only authorised individuals can enter your property. You can even access them from your device, meaning you have control over who enters your home at your fingertips all day.

If there’s more than one way into your property, such as multiple doors, gates and garages, an access control system can guarantee every corner is secure, leaving no weak entry target.

Take a look at our range of access control systems.



Floodlights are often overlooked, however, they can be one of the most effective security systems out there.

These powerful lighting fixtures create an intense, wide beam of light all across your property and its surrounding area, illuminating all who come close to your property. Floodlights are a powerful tool to deter criminals when used correctly to illuminate access points and dark areas – putting criminals in the spotlight for all to see.

Floodlights can also be paired with motion sensors or timers, allowing for automated activation and savings on energy.


Lenz Security offer the best CCTV in Colchester and more for all your security needs

Investing in the right security systems is crucial for making sure your loved ones and property are as safe as possible. Whether you choose the best CCTV in Colchester, opt for our alarm system Colchester, check out our access control systems or look into flood lights, make sure you take the first step to protect your home by reaching out to Lenz Security today.

Prioritising the safety of your home is an investment that brings invaluable peace of mind and protection. Contact us today to learn more.