CCTV Camera Replacement


CCTV camera system’s main function is to keep you and your family safe, whether it be in your own home or within a commercial property. Which makes it crucially important to ensure any broken devices e.g CCTV cameras are in good working order. There are certain telltale signs to spot if your CCTV Camera might not be functioning correctly.

The most noticeable problems are usually down to the visible image itself. Spotting the problems, however, may not be as hard as you first thought. Each problem has its own set of unique characteristics, so identifying and attending to the problems is a lot easier. 


Here are a list of signs that you may need to replace your CCTV Camera:


Experiencing Ground Loops on your CCTV camera screen?

Ground loops are a complicated problem. They will display themselves as hum bars, these are horizontal lines running across your CCTV camera screen. This can at times be confused with power supply issues. The difference between the two is that the horizontal lines with ground loops will remain static. Whilst the horizontal lines for power supply issues will always move. There are many reasons ground loops may occur on your screen. One cause may be down to wiring issues in your home. The best way to correct the issue is to seek help and advice from an electrician. They will need to identify where the faulty wiring is and then put measures in place to replace it. The other problem that may cause ground loops is a damaged power supply. In this case, you can just simply swap the cable to resolve the issue.


Is there an Electrified Surface on your CCTV security camera screen?

It is common knowledge that a good quality security camera should have a clear image. Our professional opinion is to never mount your CCTV camera on a metal surface. One reason that an electrified surface would appear over the image is because of a bleeding electrical current. A mixture of improper wiring and the current making contact with a conductive surface will often cause bleeding. This will then cause the current to move around erratically. Causing it, in time, to travel into the camera. The metal surface has a lot to do with the behavior of the current. Due to the metal being a conductive material, the current will be lured to the metal as well as the camera. This will then cause a static-like image known as an Electrified Surface. To help avoid this problem you could do one of two things: mount your camera on a material other than metal, or ensure that when using a metal surface to mount your CCTV Camera, it is not in contact with the metal itself. You would just need to add a block of non-conductive material or any other insulating material prior to installing your new CCTV Security System. 


Do you suspect Sun-Induced Burn Out on your security camera?

If your CCTV Camera does not state that it is suitable for outdoor use, then it is advisable not to do so. The sun, if exposed to an unsuitable security camera screen, can and will destroy your CCTV security camera. Direct sunlight traveling to the lens of your security camera screen will then, in time, damage your image sensor. As a result of this, there will be distortions on the glass, causing the effect on the image sensor to be worsened. The video will then begin to look warped, blurred, and even perhaps show a change in contrast. Eventually, it is highly likely that this will result in a complete blackout. 


Need an Infrared Cut Filter for outdoor use?

If your security camera does not contain an infrared cut filter, then it’s safe to say that you will not be able to use it outside. The problem this causes is that your images will appear very bright and turning down your brightness will not help in this scenario. While keeping in mind that you are unable to use this camera outside, however, bright light indoors can still have the same effect on your CCTV camera. As well as having problems with brightness in the daylight, it will also have a negative effect on infrared in the dark. The best way to avoid this is to simply purchase a security camera that contains an infrared cut filter.


Issue with the Power Supply?

There are many things that can affect the power supply. However, problems that directly relate to your CCTV security camera will appear as ‘rolling lines’ on the image. To identify problems with power supply, look out for horizontal lines that move from top to bottom or from side to side. The best thing to do to tackle this issue is to contact an electrician. Attempting to fix a power supply can be fatal so ensure you hire a qualified and reputable electrician. Seeking professional help guarantees your safety as well as the chances of the power supply problem being fixed.


So, what’s the verdict…

Since CCTV security cameras’ main purpose is to keep you safe and ensure the surveillance of your property, conserving them is of the highest importance. To make sure you are getting the best and most suitable CCTV camera, you need to ensure you find the best company to do the job. Luckily Lenz Security has an excellent reputation from consultation through to installation.