As local experts in business security, Colchester based Lenz Security would like to offer their advice and tips on how to keep your business secure during the most recent national lockdown.


As the nation heads into another lockdown, only businesses that are deemed essential are allowed to remain open. This means there are many businesses that have had to shut their doors for the time being, leaving their business premises sitting empty at times when they would normally be active and busy. These extended periods of time where premises are empty offer an ideal opportunity for criminals to try and gain entry. In a lot of cases, businesses have had to shut down on just a few day’s notice. This may not have been enough time for business owners to fully assess the most effective security measures that need to be taken to keep their business safe during the lockdown.

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With many years of experience in business security, Colchester based Lenz Security is happy to list the best ways for you to keep your business secure during this uncertain time.


Test all current security systems


This may sound obvious, but it is essential that you make sure all current security systems, including CCTV, access control systems, and security lighting are working correctly. Questions you may need to ask yourself include: Are all entry points covered by CCTV? Are your alarms working on entry points? Are any internal alarms such as motion detectors fully operational? Is all of your motion security lighting working?


You may conduct an annual review and test of these security systems, but we suggest that you book an additional review or test of these systems during the current lockdown period. Lenz Security offer system testing services, get in touch with the team today to book your review and system test.


Remove any cash or high-value goods (if possible)


Again, this may sound obvious, but a thief is much more likely to try to gain entry to your premises if they can physically see something worth taking. Remove temptation by securing any cash or valuables in an area not visible from prying eyes (preferably a safe if you have one). A lot of businesses rely on high-value goods being visible to passers-by and may be vulnerable to a break-in overnight anyway, but with your premises potentially empty for several weeks at once it really is a good idea to remove any high-value goods away from sight. We would even suggest moving all stock to an off-site storage area, with 24 hr security for the duration of the lockdown.


Check your current insurance details


With the change in your usual routine, it is always advisable to contact your insurance broker to check whether there are any requirements on your policy that you need to meet. Your original policy may have been based on the understanding the premises would be occupied for certain amounts of time, so make sure you are covered in case the worst happens and you do suffer a break-in!


Notify your neighbours of your absence


With your prolonged absence from your business premises, we advise you to notify any neighbouring businesses that may be staying open. If they know that you are not there then they can let you know of any unusual activity, suspicious behaviour etc. Just this simple act can give you a second pair of eyes on your business.



Complete a shutdown checklist for you and staff


Lastly, ensure that before the last person leaves the premises they have completed a shutdown checklist. So they need to make sure all electrical appliances are turned off (or at the least place in safe mode). They need to activate the security systems and make sure any security lighting is turned on! Finally, they need to ensure the building is locked and secure. We suggest keeping keyholders down to an absolute minimum. The fewer people with access to the building (and knowledge of any alarm codes), the better.

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With the uncertainty ahead for non-essential businesses, we suggest ensuring all of the above measures are taken to give you peace of mind and to keep your business safe during the lockdown. If you wish to discuss any of the above, or anything else relating to business security then please do not hesitate to visit our contact us page. You can also check out our Facebook page here for up-to-date news, reviews and photos of recent work we have completed.