In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses is a top priority. There are many forms of security on the market, from CCTV systems to access control systems. However, one of the most common methods of achieving a safe and protected property is through the installation of burglar alarms.

But just how effective are these alarms in deterring and preventing burglaries and unwanted visitors?

Lenz Security, supplier of the best CCTV Colchester can offer, is here to break down burglar alarms and explore just how effective they are.


Burglar alarms Colchester – How do they work?

Burglar alarms work by detecting unauthorised entry or suspicious activities within a secured area – and then triggering an alarm that alerts those in the area and the property.

Burglar alarms can detect movement, an open door or window, or the sound of breaking glass, which then sends a signal to trigger the alarm. They will only detect these things if the alarm is armed – meaning it is set up by the owner to monitor the property until disarmed.

The alarm can only be shut down by the owner with a special key, meaning unwanted visitors and trespassers cannot shut down the alarm themselves – no matter how hard they try.

The loud alarms, most commonly a siren or ringing noise, are normally enough to deter intruders and provide an immediate response to protect the property and its occupants.


Burglar alarms Colchester – How effective are they?

Here at Lenz Security, we pride ourselves on offering the best smart burglar alarms Colchester has to offer – and have seen for ourselves how effective they are at securing properties.

But just how effective do we mean?

In the UK, there are 817 houses broken into a day. Recent studies and statistics reveal a clear trend: Burglars tend to steer clear of homes and businesses with burglar alarms because these properties are riskier targets. Having an alarm system in place means there’s a higher chance of getting caught, and that’s a risk burglars are less willing to take. Anything that’s going to make criminals think twice before targeting your property is worth having.

63% of burglaries happened to people without any type of security system. Properties without alarms are often seen as easier and less likely to raise any suspicion, proving that alarms play a crucial role in securing your property.

More modern alarms, like the best burglar alarms Colchester can offer by Lenz Security, are equipped with advanced technology, allowing rapid notifications to property owners or authorities in case of a breach – when time is of the essence, these fast responses are key.

Audible alarms not only alert those inside but also attract attention from neighbours and passersby, adding an extra layer of deterrence.

When integrated with other security measures like the best CCTV Colchester can offer, burglar alarms become even more effective, and you can build a highly effective security system that provides peace of mind at all times of the day.

However, not all burglar alarms are just as effective. Finding a reliable, trusted supplier is key if you want to get the most protection out of your burglar alarm.

Burglar breaking into house through door - they need burglar alarms Colchester by Lenz Security


Why choose Lenz Security for the best burglar alarms Colchester can offer?

Lenz Security has the best burglar alarms Colchester can offer for good reason. Our smart alarms use only the latest and greatest technology to make sure we can offer you high-quality protection and all the best features.

Our systems offer the flexibility of voice or mobile notifications, ensuring you stay informed at all times. With on-the-go mobile control, you can effortlessly manage your security system from anywhere, providing you with constant connectivity and control.

If a situation were ever to occur, our dual-path transmission to emergency services is a cutting-edge feature that speedily alerts authorities in case of an emergency. Unlike single-path systems, which rely on a single communication channel, our dual-path transmission sends two separate signals to request help from authorities. This way, even if there are problems with one signal, the call still gets through. With the best burglar alarms Colchester can offer, no matter what happens, you can trust that help will come fast if you need it.

We take your security seriously, which is why we provide 24/7 system support, ensuring assistance is readily available should you ever need it. Our remote system support allows for prompt remote repairs, ensuring your security system remains reliable and effective. With Lenz Security, supplier of the best CCTV Colchester and burglar alarms Colchester can offer, you can trust that your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.


Professional installation and maintenance make a difference

Here at Lenz Security, supplier of the best burglar alarms Colchester can offer, we know how important it is to choose a high-quality burglar alarm.

However, choosing reliable alarms isn’t the final step. Taking care of that alarm through good installation and maintenance is what will keep your alarm working to its full potential for years to come.

Leave the installation to the experts

While it may be tempting to attempt a DIY job yourself, leave installation to the experts. Our team are highly trained and have years of experience behind them. Our installers know where to put sensors to catch any unwanted visitors and make sure your pets or children don’t set off false alarms. We’ll also hide the control panel so it’s not a target for tampering. We know how to install our smart burglar alarms to provide you with maximum protection.

Take care of what takes care of you

Maintenance is like regular check-ups for your alarm system. It’s an electronic device, and like your car, it needs some TLC to keep running smoothly. Regular servicing by our experts prevents problems and allows your system to last longer and perform better – so that you get more for your investment.

Picture of alarm screen saying alarm activated - Burglar alarms Colchester by Lenz Security


Pair our burglar alarms with the best CCTV Colchester has seen

Pairing our highly reliable smart burglar alarms with the finest CCTV Colchester has to offer creates a powerful security duo that will take your protection to the next level.

This security pair not only deters potential intruders and raises alarms, but offers continuous visual surveillance, capturing crucial footage that can aid in identifying intruders and providing valuable evidence in case of an incident.

Take a look at our CCTV systems.


Choose Lenz Security for the best burglar alarms Colchester and CCTV Colchester can offer

Burglar alarms have proven time and again to be highly effective in enhancing security for your property.

By investing in a reliable burglar alarm system, you are taking a step towards shielding your property from the threat of criminals.

Here at Lenz Security, with the best burglar alarms Colchester can offer, we’re committed to delivering the ultimate protection for your home or business. That’s why we offer only the best burglar alarms Colchester has to offer.

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