You need the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer this Christmas 2023 – read on to find out why!


With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are preparing to leave our premises empty over the festive break. Whether you’re shutting up shop for the season so you and your staff can enjoy a long Christmas, or you’re leaving your home empty to visit family and friends, it can be daunting leaving your property alone for so long.

Unfortunately, the Christmas season provides the perfect opportunity for criminals to target what’s yours. It’s crucial to make sure you have every security measure needed to protect your property this Christmas 2023.

Returning home or to the office after the holidays only to discover that your property has fallen victim to opportunistic individuals is a nightmare scenario. Here at Lenz Security – supplier of the best CCTV Colchester can offer – we understand the importance of securing what’s yours – so that you can start the new year right.

Building on last year’s guide on protecting your commercial property during the Christmas break, this year we’re diving deeper into the best burglar alarms and CCTV Colchester can offer – and what Lenz Security do differently, to guarantee peace of mind this Christmas.


‘Tis the season to monitor

What can our high-quality CCTV offer you? From round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring that every corner of your property is under a watchful eye, and deterring potential intruders to providing crucial evidence in case of incidents, we have the best CCTV Colchester can offer for good reason.

Here at Lenz Security, we believe in giving you the best, without burning a hole in your pocket. Just because our CCTV systems are high-end, doesn’t mean our prices need to be. We keep things affordable.

Choose Lenz Security for straightforward, high-quality security solutions that won’t break your budget.


Closed for Christmas shop signage whos protected by the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer - Lenz Security


The best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer

We’re here to make your Christmas secure with our smart burglar alarm system. Our high-tech alarms are built to spot and discourage potential threats, sending you instant alerts for any unauthorised access. If we can’t reach you, and you opt for monitored systems (additional charges apply), we’re ready to contact emergency services.

Whether you need a wired, wireless, or hybrid system, we’ve got the right tech to keep you safe. Just like our top-notch CCTV systems, our alarms offer easy on-the-go mobile control, integrated home automation, and 24/7 support.

What’s more, we are the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer. For professional, skilled installation, we’re here to help!

This Christmas, trust Lenz Security – the best and most reliable burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer. Get in touch with us to keep your holidays worry-free.


What does Lenz Security do differently?


On-going support and maintenance

Santa’s elves may take a break, but not us! Here at Lenz Security, we’re proud to offer high-end 24/7 system support and an alarm call-out service, ensuring that your security systems run at their highest potential! Whether you need assistance at home or in the office, we’re here to help.


We’re not just for Christmas – we’re for life

Many up their security around Christmas time, but it’s important to remember that good security is essential throughout the year. Our SSAIB-certified security solutions stand strong through all seasons, offering unwavering support and protection.

Crafted with state-of-the-art technology and the best materials, our systems are designed to endure tampering, wear and tear, challenging weather conditions, and the general demands of everyday life!

Here at Lenz Security – supplier of the best CCTV Colchester can offer – we prioritise durability and effectiveness, ensuring that our security solutions provide long-lasting and reliable protection for your peace of mind. With the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can supply, you can rest assured that your systems are secure for years to come.

In fact, we’re so confident in our services, we offer a minimum 18-month warranty! For access control systems and fire alarms, we extend our warranty to 24 months, and for the best CCTV Colchester can offer, enjoy an extensive 36-month warranty!

Christmas tree with decorations

We are family-run

As a family-run business, we understand how crucial it is for your family home to be safe and secure just as much as we understand how important your business is.

When you choose us, your security becomes our shared concern, and we go the extra mile to provide you with the best service possible.

Get in touch to experience the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can supply.


We’ve got Santa’s stamp of approval!

Our SSAIB certification is your guarantee of excellence in security. This ensures we can meet the highest industry standards, assuring our customers they’re choosing a security company known for expertise and professionalism. To achieve SSAIB certification, our team underwent thorough training and assessments – so you can be sure we know our stuff! From offering expert advice, and being the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer, to supplying high-level maintenance and so much more, we’re here to help.

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For the best CCTV Colchester can offer – choose Lenz Security

Don’t leave your property to chance this festive season. Whether you need the best CCTV Colchester can supply, five-star access control systems, or the best burglar alarm installer Colchester can offer, our team is here to get you protected. 

Get in touch with Lenz Security to find out more!