If you are thinking about access control installation for your business, now is the ideal time to secure your workplace for your employees against COVID-19. It is safe to say that 2020 has been a year most of us would like to forget. COVID-19 has affected both families and businesses across the globe, with many forced to work from home for weeks/months on end to keep them safe from this awful virus. Others faced being furloughed on only 80% of their normal wage, which greatly affected their income and normal spending habits.


After those long months of isolation, plus the inconvenience for some of having to work from home, we are finally seeing many businesses reopening offices for their employees to return to the workplace. But to do so, businesses have had to evaluate and implement strong safety measures to ensure their employees can work whilst still adhering to government guidelines on creating a COVID-Secure workplace. Here are the latest government guidelines.


Keeping employees at least 2 metres apart whilst working, wearing facemasks where possible and requiring staff to frequently wash their hands are just a few of the implementations you can make to keep your staff safe. But did you know there are other precautions you can integrate into your business to secure your workplace against COVID-19, such as access control installation or a CCTV occupancy counter?


These additional measures will ensure your business is secure against unwarranted access, minimising any unnecessary contact between your employees and other visitors. These extra measures will also leave your staff feeling safe in their work environment.

Thermal camera

Below are some of the services and products Lenz Security provide that will make your business COVID-Secure, along with the benefits they will bring.


* Thermal Screening


Thermal cameras are an excellent and quick way to easily check the temperature of all of your employees, visitors or customers. Thermal cameras use infrared technology to detect heat from a body, and can then estimate the core body temperature of each employee or visitor when entering the building. If anybody shows a high temperature you can then take measures to safeguard the rest of your workforce by sending that person home, or deny entry to a customer. Thermal cameras are able to accurately screen up to 120 people per minute, so are ideal for businesses with heavy footfall.


* Access Control Based Occupancy Management


You may have a large workforce, or have a business (such as a shop), where you can only permit a certain number of people onto the premises at any one time. An access control based occupancy management system will give you an accurate reading of the number of people in the building, without the need of having someone physically count and record people coming and going. This piece of equipment is essential to ensure your staff or customers are in an environment where they can safely distance from each other. Lenz Security are able to either offer a new install featuring this, or could incorporate this feature into an existing system.


* Access Lights


Access lights can be incorporated into an existing access control based occupancy management system to give indication to someone whether there is enough space to safely enter the building. They can also work independently from an existing system if needed. An access light will show green if it is safe to enter, or red if the person needs to wait.


* Intercom Systems


Another excellent way of controlling who has access to your building is an intercom system. This works particularly well if your business or workspace is smaller, with fewer employees. Anyone who wishes to enter the building will need to state their name and purpose, giving you control of exactly how many and who is in the building at any one time.


* CCTV Occupancy Counter


As with the access control based occupancy management system, an CCTV occupancy counter will offer you an up to the second headcount of the amount of people in your business or shop. With a live feed counting people as they enter and leave, this is a great and secure way of monitoring occupancy levels.


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We hope this information has been helpful in determining what measures you need to put in place in order to keep your employees and customers safe in these strange times. Lenz Security are ready to install any of the above products, as well as any other type of access control installation. Please visit our contact us page for more information on how we can make your workplace COVID-Secure.