Did you know that the UK (other than China), has more CCTV cameras per person than any other country in the world? The importance of up to date and visible CCTV systems for businesses are obvious. CCTV is used by a huge number of businesses to help protect their property. It is relatively simple to install and set up, as well as being incredibly cost effective as a security system, when compared to other methods (such as an overnight security guard etc).


But did you also know that the installation of CCTV systems in domestic properties in the UK is on the rise?


There are numerous benefits to having a high quality CCTV solution installed in your home. Here are a few of the obvious, and not so obvious, advantages to having your home protected by CCTV.

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Crime Deterrent/Prevention


This one goes without saying as most thieves prefer an easy option when looking for targets. If your property has clearly visible CCTV you stand a much higher chance against an unwanted break in. So not only is your personal property protected, you can sleep easy knowing there is little chance of an encounter with an intruder in the night.


Aid Prosecution


Should the threat of CCTV not be enough and someone does try to illegally enter your premises/property, your CCTV system will prove invaluable in aiding the authorities in identifying the perpetrators. Your footage will also be the perfect tool in helping the prosecution secure a conviction in court, saving other households the misery of that person breaking into their home.


Remote Monitoring Of Property


Our CCTV systems can be viewed remotely from your smartphone, giving you a view of the exterior of your property around the clock, wherever you may be. If you view suspicious activity you can alert the relevant authorities who can then check on your property.


Minimal Running Costs


Unlike other forms of home security, CCTV requires little maintenance and costs very little to run.


Cheaper Insurance Premiums


This may not sound like a big benefit compared to the others mentioned here, but by having a working CCTV system monitoring your property your home insurance premiums will be less. And in this day in age, who can afford not to save a little extra when they can?


Peace Of Mind!!


We’ve saved the best for last! Crime prevention, aiding the police and cheaper insurance are all great benefits, but the peace of mind you get by knowing your home and loved ones are protected is the best benefit of them all!



We hope that this list of benefits on why you should consider a CCTV system for your home has been helpful. Lenz Security are able to offer CCTV solutions to suit every type of home and budget. Get in touch with us today either by our contact form, or you can also visit our Facebook page.