In today’s world, keeping what you cherish safe is crucial. Thankfully, security technology has never been more advanced, making protection easier than ever.

To receive the benefits of all the latest technology and security advancements, it’s important to choose a trusted and reputable security company to help with all of your needs.

Here at Lenz Security, supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer, our team equips you with all you need to fortify what matters. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, our team is a trusted name in the security industry.

New here? Lenz Security has been providing five-star security to the people of Essex for years. From CCTV and access control systems to the finest alarm systems Colchester has seen and more, here’s what Lenz Security can offer you!


CCTV Colchester

When it comes to surveillance, there’s nothing better than our cutting-edge CCTV systems.

We pride ourselves on offering only the best. Our systems are the latest and greatest with advanced, top-quality technology. Not only do they provide you with a razor-shape image at all times, but with real-time monitoring and live streaming from anywhere in the world, you can rest assured that you’re always in the know about activities on your property.

Should you ever need it, our CCTV systems come with 24/7 system support and remote systems repairs, guaranteeing that you’re never offline and unprotected.

Our robust systems are the best CCTV Colchester can offer – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

When you choose Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – you’re choosing a team who are dedicated to providing you with quality security tailored to your specific needs. We will never sell you something you don’t need – however, we will always recommend a service that we believe could genuinely enhance your property’s safety. Your security is our top priority.

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Smart burglar alarm systems Colchester

Here at Lenz Security, we can take your security to the next level with the best smart burglar alarm systems Colchester has seen!

Our state-of-the-art smart burglar alarms are designed to detect and deter potential threats, as well as provide instant alerts to you in case of unauthorised access. If we cannot reach you to confirm the situation is in hand, emergency services CAN be contacted if you choose a monitored system (additional charges will apply)

We are the leading provider of alarm systems Colchester area for good reason. We understand that every property is different, and therefore not every property will need the same type of alarm. From wired, wireless or hybrid systems, whichever type we advise or you choose, you can rest assured that everyone will provide high-tech protection.

Just like our CCTV systems, our alarm systems come with just as much access. From on-the-go mobile control, integrated home automation and 24/7 support, we truly have the best alarm systems Colchester can offer!

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image of criminal being caught breaking in via device and home owners ready to sound the alarm systems colchester by Lenz security


Access control systems

Access control systems give you control over who has access to your property and the rooms within. From employees and visitors to family and friends, access control gives you absolute control over who goes in and out of your space.

However, here at Lenz Security – suppliers of the best CCTV Colchester can offer – we do it differently. We don’t just offer the standard – our technology ranges from basic keypad entry to bespoke authentication devices, ensuring a perfect fit for all of your needs!

Choosing Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – means embracing not only security but also convenience. If you want to approve whoever enters your home at all times from anywhere in the world, our access control systems are for you. Check them out on our website!


School and commercial security

Educational buildings and commercial spaces need to secure their establishments. This is not only for the protection of the owners and their property but for the protection of school children, students, employees and customers. That’s why you need Lenz Security’s school and commercial security.

School settings require a safe and secure environment for students to learn and thrive. Our security can ensure just that. From access control to video surveillance, we can help you create a safe place for all students and staff – protecting them from intruders and unauthorised personnel from outside of school, deterring bullying and stopping anti-social behaviour through monitoring.

Commercial spaces are often left empty overnight or after closing hours. This means you need Lenz Security –  supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – to be your eyes and ears when you are not there!

With the best CCTV and alarm systems Colchester has to offer, you can arm your commercial building with everything you need to detect, alert and deter unwanted visitors.

Whether you need commercial or school security, Lenz Security is your safeguarding partner.

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 Why Lenz Security?


SSAIB Certificated

Being SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) certified only proves our commitment to providing top-notch security solutions.

Being SSAIB certificated signifies that our services meet the highest of industry standards so that our customers can rest assured that they are choosing a security company that prides itself on offering a high level of expertise and professionalism.

To achieve a SSAIB certification, our team had to undergo thorough training and assessments that validated we are experts in our field – so we can truly say, we supply the highest level of CCTV Colchester has to offer!

image of CCTV camera overlooking school children playing outside


18 months warranty on all services

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. That’s why we stand by the quality of our services by offering an 18-month minimum warranty on all of our services. We also offer 24 months warranty on Access Control Systems and Fire alarms and 36 months warrant on CCTV systems.

This warranty reflects our confidence in the effectiveness and durability of our security solutions. We believe our solutions are one of a kind and are prepared to offer a guarantee of a whole year and 6 months to prove this to you!


We are a family

Because we are a family-run business, we truly understand just how important it is for your family home to feel safe and secure.

When you choose us, you become a part of our extended family, and your security becomes our shared concern. This means we take extra care into providing you with the best service possible.

Choose Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – and experience the difference yourself!


How do we provide the best service possible?

When it comes to security, experience matters. Here at Lenz Security – with the best CCTV Colchester can offer – we can provide the best service and solutions possible because of our years of experience in supplying, installing, and maintaining security around North Essex.

Our professionals stay up-to-date with all the latest industry trends and technologies so that we can implement this into our company and provide you with security that makes a difference.

With our family’s years of collective knowledge and skill set, we’re not just selling security systems; we’re delivering peace of mind.

There’s no good reason not to choose Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – for all of your security needs!


Tailored for every situation

We understand that no two properties are the same. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your unique requirements and creating bespoke and tailored security solutions just for you.

We believe in offering affordable security that’s focused on what matters most to you and your property’s safety.

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The community love us

If you still need convincing that we’re the greatest option in the North Essex region for all things security, then take a look at all of our lovely reviews from past customers!

There’s nothing quite as reassuring as hearing from those who’ve experienced our services firsthand. These testimonials highlight not only our expertise in security systems but also our dedication to understanding each client’s unique needs.

Take a look and see for yourself how Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – has become a much-loved name when it comes to security in Colchester!


Choose Lenz Security – supplier of the best alarm systems Colchester can offer – for all of your security needs!

In a world where security concerns are rising, Lenz Security is here with the best security and CCTV Colchester can muster up.

With a whole range of superior security services, we’re your one-stop solution for all your safety needs.

We can’t wait to show you what the best security in Colchester can do. Contact the Lenz Security family today!