We believe that every business should have a security alarm. A lot of homeowners are already protecting their homes and families with a security alarm. Why wouldn’t you protect your business investment? Security Alarms not only help to protect your business but your staff and customers (if you have them) too!

The Met Office advises that the presence of security alarms can prevent theft and robberies as burglars will try and avoid a tricky theft. So, let’s take a look in more detail as to why security alarms can protect your business.

At Lenz, we create systems that work for your business needs. All businesses are different and therefore don’t always need the same kind of security.

Types of Security Alarm


Bells Only Security Alarm

A bells only security alarm simply makes noise when an intrusion is detected. These usually only ring for around 15 minutes externally and police are unlikely to visit the scene unless there is a witness or proof of a break-in in progress.

These types of security alarms are rarely suitable for a business premises as they don’t provide an automatic police response.


Dialler Burglar Alarm

A dialler burglar alarm automatically dials a specific phone number. This could be your own phone number, a nominated key-holder or a family member. This phone call will happen once something triggers the alarm.

This is a good option for businesses as it can be monitored and you can get someone out to the location to either turn the alarm off or report a crime in progress.


Smart Security Alarm

A smart security alarm system is exactly that, SMART! At Lenz we’re specialists in smart security for homes and businesses. Similar to a dialler burglar alarm, a smart security alarm will notify you or a nominated key-holder of a potential intrusion. It will do this via a smart device app.

If a smart security alarm is coupled with CCTV, you can also monitor the situation from your phone! Smart, right?

Now that we’ve discussed the types of security alarms, let’s take a look at how they benefit business premises.


Monitored Security Alarm

A monitored security alarm is monitored by an external body for a fee e.g. Lenz Security. This is a very useful tool to have in your business security arsenal. If your alarm is triggered, you will be contacted for a password before the alarm is turned off.

In the instance that your phone isn’t answered or your password isn’t given, the police and/or a nominated key-holder will be notified. Monitored security can be combined with a smart security system. A monitored alarm system can also utilise two communication paths, Mobile Data and also IP or Telephone lines.

How a Security Alarm can protect your business


Staff & Asset Protection

By making an investment in a security alarm, you are protecting your staff and assets. If you have staff that work alone, or lots of expensive machinery or tech then the last thing you want is someone physically hurting your staff or running off with thousands of pounds worth of equipment.
A burglar alarm allows your staff to be notified of a break in so that they can remain safe, and also to alert the necessary authorities. There are also options available for Panic Buttons. When panic buttons are linked to a Monitored Alarm, police response times are very quick. Furthermore, the ability to add fire / smoke / heat detection or linking to an existing fire alarm can summon the fire brigade if necessary. This provides peace of mind that your employees have a safe place to work.


Real Time Updates

If you invest in a smart security system, real time updates come straight to your smart device as long as you have a connection. You can check out our Smart Home Security systems here.

Our smart security systems are designed to enable quick responses to potential intrusions.


Extra protection whilst you’re away

At the minute, this statement is truer than ever. With the UK lockdown due to go on for at least at least a couple more weeks, many of you are isolated away from your business premises. Opportunistic criminals know this and they will take every chance they get to grab themselves some loot.

It’s important to ensure the security of your business is done correctly and therefore we do advise using a professional security system installer. To give all our customers confidence in us, our team and our work, we are SSAIB accredited. You can view our profile here.

Get in touch with us if you would like to arrange an over the phone consultation in the near future.